The Alaska Thunderfuck Interview

Published On October 25, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Interviews

In honor of the notorious Pgh drag queen Alaska Thunderfuck‘s event tonight at Club Cafe, we’ve decided to have a little Q&A and find out a bit more about this vibrant personality. In case you didn’t know, Dinner, Drinks and Drag starts tonight at 8PM and it’s free. So why not get in the Halloween spirit and play dress up with some like-minded folks this evening?

Kymbo Slice: Could you tell us some more about the event? Any surprises in store? What “friends” will you bring?
Alaska Thunderfuck: I’m Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 from the planet Glamtron. As part of my grand plan for world domination, I’ve made it a point to colonize regions far and wide — no venue is too big or too small. So when Club Cafe asked me to do a show, I of course, said yes because they have beautiful dressing rooms. The show has been writing itself, and has gone to some pretty bizarre places, and it’s still continuing to evolve even the day of. It will either be a one woman concert or a puppet show or a murder mystery. I’m not sure yet. So there will be a lot of surprises — For myself and the patrons of the Club Cafe.

KS: Who inspires your look? Who are your role models?
AF: My role models are Divine and Marilyn Monroe. They’re both blonde, beautiful, and dead.

KS: Describe your routine getting ready.
AF: Whenever I get ready for a show I lock myself in my dressing room for at least three hours. It only takes me fifteen minutes to do my makeup, but the rest of the time I spend taking an enormous dump.

KS: Where did your name originate? How did you choose it?
AF: Alaskan Thunderfuck is a popular strain of marijuana. It’s smooth and delicious, just like me. It’s such a coincidence we have the same name! I’ve often considered changing my name for show business purposes, perhaps to Alaska Thundercunt.

KS: Do you have any favorite performances?
AF: My favorite performances usually involve camp classics, blood, and nudity.

KS: What do you feel makes you unique in the drag world?
AF: I am a unique figure in the drag world because unlike many fake, phony queens, I do not wear wigs. I was born with giant, flowing, blonde hair, and since I take my vitamins it grows in thick and full. It is a great blessing, and my fans demand that I always have the longest, tallest, most beautiful blonde hair in all the world.

KS: I believe you’ve auditioned for RuPaul’s Drag Race a few times – what was that experience like?
AF: I continue to audition for Rupaul’s Drag Race year after year, rejection letter after rejection letter. I proudly hold the title of the Susan Lucci of Drag Race. I’ll audition next year, and then the next, until either the show is cancelled or I’m given my own show called THUNDERFUCK on Logo.

NYO readers! Come to the show tonight and also to Night of 1000 Horrors at the Brillobox on Friday at Midnight, and then BLOODBATH starring Alaska Thunderfuck and Sharon Needles at Headquarters on Saturday.

And stay tuned for our special Halloween party post, droppin’ tomorrow. We’re making our own recommendations as to what parties you should hit up this year!

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