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Published On November 3, 2014 | By Breanna Durham | Interviews

Bridgette Purdue Pittsburgh Events 1 Though other artists might trade in their hometowns for the huge musical hubs elsewhere, Bridgette Perdue has stayed here in Pittsburgh and made it her business to sing a love song to the city. In this spirit, on Nov. 20th Perdue will perform at the Kaufmann Center, located at 1825 Centre Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15219, for her UNCoMMoN Showcase.

This show is inspired by Perdue’s idea of what makes everyone uncommon, authentic, or unique.

“You know, I play the piano and I sing, and there’s a million people in the world that do that,” she said. “But I think what makes me uncommon is that I play it the way Bridgette does. The goal of the show is really to celebrate what makes us, as individuals, unique.”

Although she wouldn’t spoil any of the concert surprises, Perdue said it’s fun coming into the unexpected and that she plans to do some unconventional things in the show. The a capella group, 1NE, will perform with her as well. She met them at an artist collaboration, and kept in contact with them after feeling impressed by their performance. Bridgette Purdue Pittsburgh Events 7

“ I really love their music, their art, and just their sincerity in their style,” she said. “They’re just a really really talented group.”

During her music career, Perdue has had many opportunities to meet other artists and it’s proven to be another token to appreciate about the city she calls home. A native of Pittsburgh, Perdue continues to celebrate the uniqueness of the community by infusing it into her sound. She said that the hard work and the tenacity that she found throughout Pittsburgh inspired her. Her voice got impassioned as she spoke about the city in a phone interview with NakYouOut.

“One of the things about Pittsburgh, it’s kind of a diamond in the rough, a hidden gem. A lot of people don’t get a chance to see all that Pittsburgh has to offer, and they come to the city and they’re like, ‘oh wow, it’s got a lot,’” she said.

The city has a personality, Perdue said, coming partly from its blue collar roots. The people work hard, and certainly love hard when it comes to sports. She has found both a  thriving arts and cultural district in the city, and real support for artists, something that she said initially surprised her.Bridgette Purdue Pittsburgh Events 6

“I’ve met so many other talented artists and musicians and other collaborators and fans that have been so supportive,” she said. “That’s been surprising too, because you hope your family and friends will attend the show, but to see strangers come and be impacted has been really surprising [to] me for sure, in a good way.”

Originally, Perdue worked for a Fortune 500 company. After collecting paychecks and hating the work to get them, she quit her job in 2010 to pursue music.

“It was scary, but to me it was the best decision that I made for myself,” she said.

In a short time, Perdue has already had success for her efforts. She became a Teaching Artist with Propel Charter Schools, a Resident Artist with Gateway to the Arts, and Music Director for the Alumni Theater Company. Perdue also consults for private voice and piano instruction and assists local schools with their musical productions. Besides this, she released her first album, Enjoy This Moment, in 2012.

Still, Perdue said she still experiences fear. She still goes through highs and lows.

“But,” she said. “ I think the foundation is just realizing that this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, and having assurance in that and continue putting my best foot forward makes it worthwhile.”

Bridgette Purdue Pittsburgh Events 5So, Perdue said that she pays forward the support from family, friends, and mentors that kept her encouraged by helping other budding artists.

“I hope I can inspire the community to live their best lives possible,” she said. In her music, Perdue tries to send a message of hope, love, resilience, and taking chances.  At the concert, fans will find her continuing that thought.

“I want my music to touch that part of a person that still wants to dream and still wants to do big things, and encourage them to go after it, “she said. “ It’s really easy sometimes to allow whatever dreams or visions that we have to get placed on the back-burner, but being true to who we are is being true to whatever gift or calling that’s in us.”

Tickets are $10 for students and seniors, $15 general admission, and can be purchased here. Doors open at 6:30pm and the show starts at 7:00pm. Have fun!

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