Pet Clinic Album Release Party

Published On February 9, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Interviews

Sometimes I’d like to tell certain people in my life to stop wasting my time, especially as of late. Coincidentally, local rockers Pet Clinic have a song titled “Stop Wasting My Precious Time”, which put me into a good mood as soon as I listened to it. I am going to start walking around with a boombox and blast that song in peoples’ faces when they start farting around. Until then, I have some work to do, like tell you about Pet Clinic’s upcoming vinyl release party this Saturday at The Shop. Two years in the making, this release marks a milestone in the band’s journey, as they plan on touring in the near future. Band member John Henderson remarks, “We’re extremely excited to tour in our big black van and make new friends. We’ve also got a stock pile of new songs that need to be recorded and pressed.”

You might recognize Pet Clinic front man David Bubenheim from the now-defunct blues rock duo Br’er Fox in which he played alongside his brother Aaron, now a member of local favorite Meeting of Important People. A recent City Paper article thoughtfully chronicles the transition to what we know today as Pet Clinic. What’s the inspiration behind the name, you ask? Henderson claims, “On Rt. 8, there once was a clinic were I took my pets to be cared for. A lot of animal souls leave the earth in pet clinics. Unless there are animal ghosts? Then it’s haunted.” A simple concept, transformed into a guitar-driven, grungy and fresh rock-and-roll outfit.

Their new album, titled The Dust That Made the Fire That Made the Light was inspired by “the moment the universe caught fire and was born, or the moment when something imagined becomes reality”. They’ve invited TM Eye and The Harlan Twins to join them for the evening. When asked about their relationship with The Harlan Twins, Henderson remarked, “These guys are awesome and full of uplifting and heartfelt songs. Even though we differ in genre, we share that positivity. We’ve been friends for years and actually, last year James Hart of the Harlan Twins and David Bubenheim joined Lohio for a half-month tour.”

The Shop, located on the edge of Bloomfield/Lawrenceville at 4312 Main Street, is a small DIY space that’s hosted acts such as Matthew Dear, Das Racist and a ton of local punk, indie and electronic acts. An appropriate fit, Henderson claims “The best gigs are usually in a dingy basement where everyone’s crammed together and charged up like a broken power line cable and we’re like the kids throwing rocks at it.” I’ll be sure to bring a few to throw on my way in.

This all-ages show pops off at 7:30 on Saturday, February 11th and is $7 at the door. Free beer for you over 21-ers.

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