The Nevada Color Interview + Album Release Party

Published On May 7, 2014 | By Kymbo Slice | Interviews

Nevada Color PittsburghYesterday, local band on the rise Nevada Color released their debut album, the refreshing Adventures, which can be obtained at their upcoming release party this Friday at Dave’s Music Mine, or digitally. This summer-friendly series of 10 indie pop songs was recorded and produced locally at Treelady Studios in Turtle Creek. Nevada Color has been popping up here and there on our radar as of recent, so in the midst of their big release, we thought it was about time to catch up with the band to find out what these five friends, with deep musical interests that stretch beyond performing, are really all about.

How would you describe your sound to someone who isn’t familiar with you?

This is always an interesting question. I have been trying to pinpoint our sound to artists similar to our genre and it has been really hard to nail it down because I think we have a truly unique sound. I have received comparisons to bands like Young the Giant, Walk the Moon, Vampire Weekend, and Two Door Cinema Club.

What type of ‘Adventures’ inspired the title of your debut album?

This may sound broad, but life itself is an adventure. The experiences we have every day, whether it’s within a relationship, traveling, any experiences we have, it’s all an adventure. Considering we live in this fast-paced world where there is something new to look forward to every day, we wanted this album to reflect on the idea of adventure. We want people to get an idea that there are tons of adventures waiting for you right outside your front door.

Who are some of the bands’ influences?

We have influences leaning from more of a rock background, but they definitely vary by member, creating an interesting, unique, and eclectic sound. Just to name a few from some of the members:
Quinn (vocalist) is really influenced by Brandon Flowers and The Killers, myself by The Strokes and Young the Giant, Max by bands like Jack’s Mannequin, Chris by Phoenix and Bloc Party, and Jeremy is a huge fan of Kings of Leon.

You’re having your release party at Dave’s Music Mine. How did this come about?

We are the first act to reintroduce live music to Dave’s Music Mine in a few years. However, Max works as a College Marketing Representative for Sony Music Entertainment. His job has left him with a good standing relationship with Dave Panasiuk from Dave’s. The idea of that venue came up in passing between the band, and Max presented the idea to Dave and he was very enthusiastic about it and gave us the go. The people over at Dave’s have been nothing but supportive and accommodating.

How has the success of your Kickstarter campaign contributed to the accomplishment of releasing an album?

Plain and simple, without our backers, we would not have been able to do this album. The Kickstarter was really the push we needed to fund and record the album.

Come out and celebrate the release of Nevada Color’s long-awaited LP, Adventures this Friday, May 9th. And remember, capacity is limited to 75 attendees, so get there early! Doors are at 6 and tickets can be purchased at the door for $10. Give a warm hometown welcome to a well-deserving band.

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