Grand Piano Makes Waves with Psychedelic EP, “Sea”

Published On May 20, 2015 | By Megan Tomasic | Interviews

Photo Creds: Grand Piano

On Saturday, May 30, Grand Piano will release their brand new EP, titled “Sea,” at Cattivo. Recently, the group has opened for headlining acts at the Three Rivers Arts Festival, as well as other events such as Deutschtown Music Festival and Rock All Night Lawrenceville. (R.A.N.T.) “Sea” will be Grand Piano’s third official EP release following “Bugs” and “Leap Year,” and band members had much to share about the album’s creation and production process:

“The “Sea” EP is probably our most eclectic mix, even though the songs are roughly one minute, ranging from lounge style jazz to psychedelic rock n’ roll. It’s become an exercise in writing and playing for us. They’re quick and in your face, and it gives us an opportunity to explore some really cool styles of music. We plan on releasing more of these short EPs.”

Grand Piano typically mixes genres such as folk, blues, and jazz, along with honky-tonk influences. The use of a horn section and the occasional pedal steel allows the band to navigate through these different genres, while also breaking out their punk rock roots to surprise the audience and allow influences of their past to show in their music today. “We’re always influenced by our past. It’s inspiring to have been making music with people you’ve been friends with for at least 15 years.” Despite these influences, the band simply describes themselves as a rock n’ roll band.

Like their previous EP, “Bugs,” “Sea” took roughly two weeks to write and produce. “The writing and recording process was just about the same for “Sea” as it was for “Bugs.” We blasted out seven tight hooks and then went to see our great chum, Jay, at The Wilderness Recording Studio. We took one day to track everything live and then one day to mix. As for the “Sea” artwork, we wanted it to be a bit more creative and elaborate, so we designed and built a diorama, as if you were looking into a viewfinder scene of a submarine porthole. The whole thing was photographed by another great chum of ours, Jake Reinhart.”

The band also spends plenty of time together, especially before rehearsals and shows. “We have the occasional coffee and cheeseburger meetings at a great place we know of before rehearsal. And before the release party, we’re all going to visit Cheddar Bay.”

Special guests at the “Sea” release party include Wreck Loose and Working Breed. Wreck Loose consists of members Max Somerville, Nathan Zoob, Dave Busch, and Derek Krystek. The band aims to bring ties back to indie rock through their innovative use of the classics. They are described as “piano garage pop at its smartest and finest.”

Working Breed bends the genres to create their own style of music; the group uses bass, drums, guitar, keys, synth, trombone, trumpet, vocals, and any other instruments they come across to create songs that encompass country, indie, reggae, and brass-heavy music. Band members include Samuel Stein, Jonah Lee Petrelli, Michael Dugan, Erika JC Laing, and Chelsea Attwood.

Grand Piano’s EP release party kicks off at Cattivo (146 44th St Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) on Saturday, May 30, at 9:30PM. Tickets are $7 and can be purchased at the door.

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