The Get Weird Anniversary Interview

Published On April 17, 2014 | By Kymbo Slice | Interviews

GWThe guys behind the groovy, booty-shakin’ and often strange Get Weird parties are celebrating four years of silly themes, drunk hookups and questionable dance moves this Friday night at Belvedere’s. What started as a small party at Remedy for Lawrenceville hipsters has grown into the prime real estate of Belvedere’s, a destination for townies, regulars and those who end up in the neighborhood on any given night. The night has called the gritty club its home now for quite some time, and so, we asked Adam and Devin a few questions to prompt a trip down memory lane, despite its clouded nature. It’s time to reminisce on Get Weird’s past, which has included Zombies, twerk offs, and other random gems, and remember why it’s perfectly acceptable to get a little goofy with these fellas on a Friday night.

What has been the weirdest moment of a Get Weird so far?

This is kind of a tough one, but the first thing that comes to mind is the twerk off that we did last year. One of the finalists came up to me and asked, “Yo is it cool if I show my whole ass to the crowd?” Obviously I thought a little butt never hurt anybody, so I told her to go ahead and show everyone what she was workin’ with. Let’s just say things got a little weird after that. -Devin

I think the most memorable moments of Get Weird happen on the dancefloor. -Adam

You’ve been throwing this party now for 4 years. What’s next for Get Weird?

We’ve been lucky enough to be a part of a small group of parties to have lasted this long, and we’re still seeing a growth in our attendance. For the future, we just want to keep inviting new faces into the thriving Pittsburgh music scene, and help this city as a whole become the mecca of music that it’s beginning to develop into. -Devin
I think another year or so and we can probably just cash in our 401k of PBR stock and live lavish traveling the world. -Adam

What is your favorite part about throwing parties at Belvederes?

I feel like Belvedere’s has built itself up to be the hub for event nights in Lawrenceville. With the latest edition of the sound system and upgrades to the venue itself I can’t think of a better place to host Get Weird. Not to mention all the help we get from the crew who works there. It’s a good fit. -Adam

By far the most rewarding thing for me is looking out into the crowd and seeing how much fun everyone is having. -Devin

Who are some of your favorite local DJs to play events with?

Oh wow, that’s like asking what my favorite pizza topping is.. all of them, obviously.. at the same damn time. Honestly though, Devin and I always talk about who we want to ask and who would fit well with our styles. We respect everyone who has played with us and they’re all our friends which makes them all our favorites as well. -Adam

The Pittsburgh DJ community is like a big family, and we try to rotate through everyone to give them all a spot at some point. -Devin

What is your favorite Get Weird theme thus far?

Pizza Party for sure. I’ve never witnessed anything like a sea of drunk people fighting over flying pizza slices on the Belvedere’s dance floor. This is happening again for my birthday party (which happens to fall on the Get Weird date in July) but with the addition of chicken wings. Gonna get saucy. -Devin

Get Weird hosts local heavy hitter Pandemic this Friday at Belvedere’s. $3 before 11, $5 after. Come out and celebrate four years with these crazy kids.

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