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Published On February 17, 2015 | By Jenna Moen | Interviews

sewnerWhether you knew it or not, the app you needed has arrived. Sewnr is a social map app that shows you events around the city – and happening in real time – so that you and your friends in the ‘Burgh will never miss a beat! Not to mention, think of how much easier it will be to navigate events in new cities. If you are as hyped about this news as we are, then come celebrate at the upcoming Sewnr App Release Party on February 21 from 7-10 PM at The Flats on CarsonDJ Nugget, a favorite among PA’s nightlife scene, will be there mixing it up while you sip drinks and dance the night away. DJ Nugget is based in Pittsburgh, but has performed at clubs all over the country, and even around the world. You’ll find him spinning at The Flats every Saturday night.

We recently spoke with one of Sewnr’s developers, Joseph Dilascio, to find out more about the creative ideas and goals behind the new application. Below is what transpired:

NYO: How did the initial idea for Sewnr come about? Was it a collaborative effort? Was it inspired by anything in particular?
Joe: We had the idea for Sewnr immediately when the iPhone first came out. I want to see one screen to tell me everything going on around me, and I’m sick of searching for individual venues or events one at a time. It just doesn’t make sense. We’ve tried to make Sewnr a reality before, but the technology wasn’t really ready to handle so much information on a phone. It’s been a collaborative effort to take the idea to the next level. Caleb assembled the team and built the app. Ben is parsing half a million events, and serving you only the ones you have privacy rights to see. I branded us and designed a user experience that people can enjoy. The team has been great because all three of us are so different in our skill sets and approaches to the problem.
NYO: What are the main goals you’re hoping to accomplish with the development of Sewnr? What are you hoping its users will take away from it?
Joe: We’re hoping the users define what Sewnr is. Right now, we have a few promo parties in the works to build a nightlife following, but it Sewnr2can be so much more. Not only is it there to tell you where to find live music Friday night, but you can find a pin in Frick Park about a pickup basketball game right now, or a pin down the street that a guitarist and drummer are jamming at, but need a bass player. The possibilities are endless with how you can interact. I’m excited to see where people take it.
NYO: Do you have any further developments or updates you’re planning to add to the app in the future?
Joe: We’ve gotten a ton of great feedback from our initial launch. Our next updates are going to focus on the social features of Sewnr. People want to invite each other to events and share them. That’s really going to keep people coming back for more.
NYO: Anything fun we can expect happening at the app release party on 2/21?
Joe: We are good friends with the owners of The Flats on Carson and they love the app. They are pretty much letting us do anything we want with the place because they’re amazing. DJ Nugget will be spinning for us all night. Who else can rock a party better than him? No one I know. So I hope you all show up!

For further updates on the app’s progression and development, make sure to like Sewnr on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @SewnrApp.

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