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Published On April 9, 2014 | By Kymbo Slice | Interviews

Fanfarlo - John Best - general 4 high resWe’ve covered Fanfarlo in the past, and with good reason. This band rules, and isn’t your run of the mill indie group from the UK with cute accents. They utilize a unique combination of instruments and fuse folk, rock and post-punk to produce a wicked sound. Their 2009 debut, Reservoir featured the gem below, and their latest release, Let’s Go Extinct finds the band building on their catchy dream pop harmonies while exploring new musical territory.

We had a chance to chat with the band about their new album and other tour-related questions in preparation for this weekend’s show at Mr. Smalls. Check it out.

The new album explores human existence, as the title, Let’s Go Extinct, tends to lend itself to this frame of mind. What do you think of the recent breakthrough in regards to the origin of The Big Bang?

As an origin story, the Big Bang is in a way much more far out than other such stories. It has a poetic simplicity to it, like it’s been organically stylized. It’s almost like describing the universe through abstract expressionist painting. It’s really tricky to understand the ins and outs of physics on that scale though, I mean we are really talking about the limits of human understanding here. But I love how we have this mathematical system for describing things that in reality lie beyond what we can mentally comprehend.

You said in a recent interview you “always try to tell a story” with your live show. What kind of story are you telling on your current tour and has the audience been receptive to it thus far?

I’d say that’s true in several ways. When a show works it is because you build a world and invite the audience into it – it weaves around and into itself like a sort of narrative landscape. But the main story we’re focusing on now is based on our new record, which plays with different perspective on evolution, the body, the mind…

What is the first thing you do as a band while back from a long tour and how does this relate to your creative process?

The first thing I think we all do when we come off tour probably has less to do with the creative process of writing and more with the process of performing together and living so closely together for a long period of time – you have to unwrap yourself from that intense unity to get your sanity back! It’s different for everyone exactly how you do that, I guess… when I get back the first thing I do is cook, no matter what time of day or night it is!

What are some of your favorite spots to hit while on tour in the states?

California is always a safe bet. But there are some great smaller places that get less attention that we’ve been vibing on. Maybe it’s just down to your personal connection to those places. Columbus, Ohio is always nice… and there’s the really beautiful church in Millvale outside of Pittsburgh that we’re coming to play for the second time.

I think he was talking about us! *blushes* Catch Fanfarlo this Saturday, April 12 at Mr. Smalls. Grab your tickets here. Show starts at 8 with openers Lilies on Mars.

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