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Published On August 1, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Interviews, Music

Sneaky Mike PittsburghThe wonderful world of Sneaky Mike is set to expand this Friday when his new LP, The Last Temptation of $ñ€åK¥m¡K€, drops on Purple and Pink Records. Best known for his Roller Boogie parties, prior project The Hood Gang and that glorious curly red mane, Sneaky embraces the spotlight to inspiring heights. We last spoke with Sneaky on the brink of his last release, I Look Like Sneaky, and now, we find him gearing up for Friday’s Get Weird appearance, teaming up with the event’s producers, Devin and Adam, to add some flair to their beach party-themed event. The function also serves as an after party for friend Tricia Klinkhamer of You=Love‘s book release. A man of many words, Sneaky had a lot to say about his latest endeavor.

Sneaky Mike’s promo material for is new LP makes some obvious parallels between him and Jesus. One might be wondering exactly who he thinks he is at this point in his career, but he can assure us all that his moves are very calculated and not without a greater meaning. “To quote “Jesus Christ, Superstar’, “One thing I’ll say for him, Jesus is cool.” And to quote a new song from my new album, ”I’m what Jesus would do. I’m like the blood in your veins, like hugging your main squeeze, the change in the brain that frees everybody…” I’ve had this persistent connection with the Jesus metaphor. Besides being told I look like Jesus I’ve made many changes in my life that I think is what this Jesus character was allegedly up to, you know – the golden rules – but that doesn’t mean I don’t have fun. If you’re asking if I’m claiming to be Jesus, the answer is yes I am, but I believe everyone is Jesus. We are all born beautiful and capable of transcendence.”

Sneaky Mike Pittsburgh“A few years ago, I was visiting a “haunted” hotel outside of Johnstown, PA and there were a bunch of paintings/framed prints piled up against the walls of the main hallway. One print in particular jumped out at me [pictured right]. I was stunned. The resemblance is beyond uncanny. I figured this was the man I was meant to be when I grow up…or don’t. The Laughing Christ. That’s me.”

“On this album I’m making my transition into stepping into that big guy’s Birkenstocks. This album showcases my fondness of playing with known cultural imprints, making changes in contexts and toying with accepted connotations. The Universe has a pretty good sense of humor and so do I. Seriously, what’s better than laughter?”

In terms of influences for the new LP, they range in subject and scope, though Sneaky has a tendency to draw upon the people around him for inspiration. “Musically speaking, my friends’ parties – Get Weird, Lazer Crunk, Chocolate Boombox, Obvious, VIA and when James Gyre knocks on my door and plugs his laptop into the speakers in my room. I consume most of my electro/dance music on dance floors, often times composing hooks on-site. For the past few years I have been really into James Blake, Animal Collective, The Knife, Thom Yorke’s solo stuff and Peaches. Now I’m obsessed with Daft Punk’s new album and I’m setting out, just as a quick frame of reference, to make Love Evolution’s approach very similar to R.A.M. and then rapidly evolve into an extremely versatile dance band dabbling in many dance/electro sub-genres while having the flexibility to shape shift into whatever the situation calls for – pretty much the greatest party band that time has ever known. After Friday I’ll be performing as $ñ€åK¥mîK€ and Love Evolution, sort of like Prince and the Revolution…okay as much like Prince and the Revolution as possible.”

When he’s not making or performing music, Sneaky Mike likes to spend his time teaching yoga, a discipline that has transformed his life in many positive ways. “Yoga has been a tool I’ve been using to improve my life. I teach regular classes at Clay Yoga in Bloomfield (Tuesdays 7:30PM and Thursdays 5:30PM) and a donation class at the Irma Freeman Center on Mondays at 6:30PM. I’ll be teaching a special workshop at Clay on Sunday August 25th at 3PM titled Backbend to the Future: Backbends, Bandhas, and Breath.”

And what would a Sneaky Mike interview be without spreading the love? Most importantly, he would like to thank his collaborators for Friday, the You=Love crew.

“The lovely and talented artist/musician Dean Cercone introduced me to Tricia and most of the You=Love crew. I am very grateful. I’ve gotten so much in-spirit-ation these past few years from all the talented and loving people I’ve met in that circle. Tricia especially is so loving and positive, it’s been so beneficial and rewarding hanging out and talking love philosophy as well as just having a great time in an environment I find to be 100% accepting.

I’d also like to give a shout out to Alexis Icon, who is a good friend, a brilliant producer, performer, and sound engineer for helping me get the album finished. I’d still be antagonizing over mixes if it weren’t for her help. She did the lioness’ share of mixing and mastering on the The Last Temptation The rest I did, other than tracks produced by Comic Strips (“Buck”, “Naked in the Club”), RSK (“I Look Like Skrillex”), and Isaac Levine (“The Death of Swag”) – which are my favorite tracks on the album. Also love to Femi Akintola, Jess Moss, Juliet Bey, and Drunk Monkey (aka Frank Monkey former hand to the king) for donating their time, energy, and vocal stylings. And on this note, I’d just like to send love to Crystal Hoffman, Kevin May aka Phil Osophical, and Carolyn Elliot, and all the other wise wild women, men, and trans, uniting division, embracing love wisdom like the gift that it is. Things are changing. It’s an exciting time to be alive and I’m very very happy!”

So are we, Sneaky, so are we. Catch him Friday at Belvedere’s for Get Weird. Things kick off at 10PM. $3 entry before 11 and $5 after.

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