The Labor Day Weekend Party Guide

Published On August 28, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Guides

Labor Day PittsburghHow appropriate that the weather has decided to heat back up just in time for the last hoo-rah of the summer, which has been sub-par temperature-wise. And we won’t even rehash how much of a bitch all the rain has been! Just as we’d given up on enjoying the remainder of the summer (we’re still mourning the closing of the Polish Hill Pool), a glimmer of hope that came in the form of this weekend appeared, and we’re ready to rage in our short shorts, crop tops and flops one more time! So let’s do Labor Day right, Pittsburgh. There are a ton of options for your holiday weekend. No matter what you choose, we hope that by the time Monday rolls around, you’re so wiped from partying that you don’t get out of bed until at least 2PM. That’s our plan.

Oddball Comedy Tour PittsburghFriday, August 30th: Plenty of options for your Friday night, depending on what you’re in the mood for. Dave Chapelle makes his long-awaited return to stand up at the First Niagara Pavilion for the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival alongside heavy hitters such as Hannibal Buress and Flight of the Conchords. There’s also 2562 at Belvedere’s presented by Humanaut and Obvious. And if you’re in the mood for more heady, atmospheric dance music, consider Illusions featuring Soft Metals at Brillo.

The return of DJ Nark with Tom CoxSaturday, August 31st: You can interlude and lay low tonight between the busy party schedules of Friday and Sunday nights, or you can go hard like a champ. Remedy’s getting deep, Cruze will be covered in foam, and sounds from DJ Nark and Pittsburgh Track Authority’s Tom Cox at Hot Mass can take you all the way into the early hours of Sunday morning without even noticing.

DDSunday, September 1: Mt. Washington will be poppin off Sunday between the Honcho Pool Party at the legendary Mt. Washington mansion and the Dirty Disco Sunset Party at Grandview Park. The latter’s a bit more family friendly, but if you’re trying to get down with a bunch of hotties, the pool party is the place to be. Just don’t expect to get lucky, ladies.

March for Equality at Labor Day ParadeMonday, September 2: Is actual Labor Day, but honestly, we’ll be so tired at this point we don’t even care. While many will throw picnics, we’re going to sleep in hardcore and revel in the fact that this is one national holiday devoted to US, the peeps who work too hard, play even harder and definitely deserve a day off from life every once in a while. If you have enough energy, you can march for equality at the parade for a cause we support just as much as our right to rest!

And as always, be safe out there folks. Pittsburgh drivers are nuts.

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