2015 Detroit Movement Festival Preview

Published On May 19, 2015 | By Kymbo Slice | Guides

With arguably one of the best lineups in recent years, Detroit’s Movement festival is back with a vengeance in 2015. Pittsburgh’s rise in the U.S. dance music scene becomes apparent in two regards related to this year’s lineup – many of the artists playing this year’s fest have passed through the city for a gig within the past 12 months, and more notably, we’re seeing some representation on the bill with the glorious booking of Shawn Rudiman on the last day of the festival.

Shawn Rudiman PittsburghThe addition of a new stage holds promise for veterans seeking a new listening experience, a trend Paxahau seems to be keeping up with the past few years having swapped some stages around. The aptly-titled “Sixth Stage” is located to the left of the main entrance. Hopefully it’s legit, because our homie Shawn Rudiman will be priming the stage for the Detroit Techno Militia festival closers, 313 The Hard Way. Shawn has made a name for himself internationally by producing blazing all-live sets of improvised techno and is a staple of Pittsburgh’s scene, both as a supporter and standout talent. The city’s community will be coming out in full force to celebrate Shawn’s exciting Movement debut. For more info on Shawn, head here.

We had the chance to ask Shawn a bit about his upcoming gig, of which he said:

I only have 30 minutes, so I will have to move like lightning and bring everything I have in those 30 minutes! Luckily I will have been very warmed up from playing Industry Brunch that same day around noon. It will be an ultimate test of my endurance, creativity, artistic flexibility, and youth or what’s left of it. It means a lot for me to play at the festival finally, since I’ve always felt Detroit was a musical home for me. More than anywhere else in the entire world. Its music was a combination of elements that should not have happened, but did. It’s a wild, freak mutation of culture and artistic creativity. It’s always felt like home to me and has always treated me with nothing but love. To finally play at the festival proper is nothing short of a life goal and will probably bring tears to my eyes when I’m finished. I’ve spent the last 17 years dedicated to the sound of this music.

Photo Credit: Douglas Wojciechowsk

Photo Credit: Douglas Wojciechowsk

Other Pittsburgh festival connections this year include the aforementioned Industry Brunch at Tangent Gallery, which Pittsburgh repped hard at in 2014 and will be approaching 2015 no differently. The event brings together the U.S. techno family, curating talent from Brooklyn, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Philly and of course, Pittsburgh. There’s also round two for Club Toilet, which promises to be the festival’s raunchiest afterparty, as its hosted by the powerhouse promoter trio Honcho, WRECKEDnyc and Macho City, bringing together PGH, Detroit and NYC gays at The New Menjo’s Complex. And finally, heavy hitters Pittsburgh Track Authority are playing an exclusive gig at The Whiskey Disco Sunday evening if you’re looking to duck out of the festival early and enjoy some soothing hometown-produced jams.

Aside from the fest, other notable parties include Friday’s 3 Chairs party at their new venue, Bert’s Warehouse Theater, and the Smart Bar + Resident Advisor opening party at TV Lounge. Saturday’s afterparty highlights include A night with Disclosure (DJ set) and Kevin Saunderson, b2b Dantiez Saunderson with special guest Gene Farris at the Detroit Masonic Temple, the Afrika Bambaataa party at Bert’s Warehouse, and Soul Clap’s House of Efunk at TV Lounge. Sunday night consider No Way Back at their new location, Tangent Gallery, OK, Cool! with Seth Troxler at TV Lounge, or the Visionquest party at Leland City Club. Monday you can find us at Anthology, because you can’t go to Detroit without hitting up The Works at least once.

And if you’re new to the festival, consult last year’s still very relevant newbie guide, which contains tons of valuable information on how to maximize your party experience. See you in the D!

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