The Valentine’s Pudding Wrestling Massacre

Published On February 4, 2014 | By Kymbo Slice | Giveaways

Pudding Wrestling Massacre PittsburghOnce upon a time, a younger and much crazier editor of this website participated in the first Pudding Wrestling Massacre at Belvedere’s. Touted as “the craziest experience of my life,” she walked to her Lawrenceville apartment after losing the match, completely covered in pudding, without a coat, in 20-degree weather. Each year, this event manages to find more like-minded gals to participate in this spectacle. Every time, the participants grow more fierce, competitive and fun-loving. In its sixth year, the Pudding Wrestling Massacre promises to deliver on all fronts, with some new improvements for its latest edition, which happens at 10PM this Saturday at the Rex Theater.

All of the usual suspects are back for the 2014 edition. Keebs and Ryah will be layin’ the smack down ref style, Cutups will be slingin’ tunes, and Matt Gondek returns with another sick tee design. If they aren’t already sold out, you can cop one here courtesy of the local, quality, Boots Printing Co. As in years past, the matches will be projected onstage so you won’t miss a single nip slip.

Matt Gondek Pudding Wrestling Pittsburgh

With national attention from the likes of Thrillst and Wired, the event has made some improvements for 2014 and will feature its first-ever grudge match. The 2012 champion, Imoana Pissglitter will be taking on K Money, the 2013 champ. With 14 participants this year, the babe factor is sure to be high. Get your drank on with PBR and Fireball specials and hope that Saturday’s hangover is gentle, but we know it won’t be. The first round of matches have also been shortened from 1-minute to 30 seconds each, so everyone will be pounding the pavement as soon as the match begins. No pussyfooting around this year! These babes mean biz nass!

It all pops off this Saturday, February 8 at The Rex Theater. Tickets are $10 at the door, and we’d recommend showing up on time, if not early, because it usually sells out! To get yourself more hyped, peep this video from last year, and then, pick your favorite bad ass babe to cheer on in the ring!

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