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Published On August 14, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Giveaways

Geographer PittsburghOh man. Just what you wanted. Another obscure electro/indie/hipster dufus band that has made themselves appear worldly by going by the name Geographer and posing with a bunch of maps. How original, right? Well, you’ll be happy to know they’re actually quite legit and their music transcends any cliches their image may evoke.

The San Francisco-based trio consists of two Berklee-educated musicians and another guy who found a synthesizer laying in the street who used it to create the band’s first album, Innocent Ghosts, which was released back in 2008. After this initial release, the group started playing shows around the bay area, eventually garnering the attention of Spin magazine, who called them “one of the three undiscovered bands you need to hear now”. And while many of you may be hearing of them for the first time as you read this, we can assure you they’ve managed to survive the sophomore album curse, releasing the EP Animal Shapes back in 2010 and Myth in 2012. We discovered them via Animal Shapes and have been following them since. Won’t you have a listen?

You can catch Geographer at Altar Bar on Tuesday, August 27. Santa Cruz via Kyoto Indie Rocker, GRMLN, will be opening with a full band. And get this, his name is Yoodoo. He’s gotta be entertaining, right? You can stream his album in full below.

This show is also an EP release party for the new Pittsburgh indie band The Artless, whose debut is titled The Things We Don’t Know. We hope they keep the topics to a minimum because there are certainly a lot of things everyone doesn’t know and if this album is about all of that then it could make for a long show, right?!

Doors are at 7. Tickets are $14 and can be purchased here. This Altar Bar show is all ages, so bring your little sis or something. We’re also giving tickets away below. Simply follow the Rafflecopter instructions and we’ll notify the winner via e-mail. Good luck!

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