A Giveaway for Pittsburgh Food Lovers

Published On September 8, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Food & Drink, Giveaways

We’re hungry right now. Looking at the cover of this book is killing us. We want to sink our teeth into that burger immediately. Again and again. But alas, we’re stuck here typing this lil post to tell you about our first ever book giveaway, courtesy of our friends over at eatPGH. Now let us tell you what’s up. These girls are pretty smart. As personal friends with 50% of the eatPGH crew, we would know. Their website has grown from a pretty basic model to what you see today. They’ve redesigned the site several times, now with a focus on the homepage images that pretty much hit you in the face with tasty goodness to the point you’ll be droolin all over your keyboard before you even click through to the full text of the article. Not only are these gals smart, but they’re lucky too. They get to eat the best food the city has to offer. Restaurants invite them to eat at their spots and they probably get a lot of free grub out of the deal. Hell, we should probably stop writing NakYouOut and go start a food blog of our own right this moment, but we promised to talk about this here book and that’s just what we’re going to do. FOLLOWIN THRU.

So yeah, the four lovely ladies of eatPGH got a book deal. We knew about it because we have the inside scoop, but now that it’s released we can tell all of you. See, we’re good at keeping secrets. We totally knew about this eons ago and didn’t tell anyone. We deserve a prize but will totally settle for a cheeseburger. Not only are these girls smart and lucky, but they’re pretty smokin’ hot too. Check them out. Some of them are single so if you’re bout it bout it hit us up. We’ll see what we can do. You can go eat free food with them and get creeped out when they take a picture of your every bite. Sounds like a GREAT first date to us. Good and awkward.

We keep getting distracted by cheeseburgers and foxy chicks, but we have a book to give away here. The book has been climbing up the Amazon charts like whoa, and you’d be lucky to get your hands on one. Then you can be in the know about all the good places to eat in the city and take someone out on an awkward date with all your new food knowledge. They’ll be so impressed that you will be the only other person they’ll ever want to eat food with again, so make sure you really like who you take out to eat after reading this book because they’ll be all about you. You don’t have to believe us, but we’re not the only people saying good things about this book. Yinzpiration recently gave away their copy. The Post-Gazette digs it too. And, duh of course the Trib likes it!

If you’re sold, enter our contest. You could totally just buy the book on Amazon too. But still enter the contest and then if you win you can give away your additional copy to a friend. Or use it as TP, whatever you prefer. All you have to do to enter is follow the Rafflecopper instructions below and leave a comment with what your favorite Pittsburgh restaurant is. We’ll select a winner at random Friday, September 21 and you’ll be on your way to a life of master Pittsburgh food guru/awkward date pro/heartbreaker/or even general fat ass if you don’t get your daily dose of cardio. The possibilities are really endless with this book. It’s going to totally change your life.

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