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Published On May 8, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Giveaways

WKIt was difficult to find an image to sum up the man known as Andrew WK because his personality is so large it cannot possibly succumb to summation. The self-proclaimed “King of Partying” is set to hit Altar Bar on Sunday, May 19, which shouldn’t stop any of you hardcore partiers from attending. You either don’t have a job that starts before noon or don’t have a job at all, so you’ll be fine. Those of you who have to get up early Monday can embrace your inner rebel and throw a few back with like minded folks while you jam to the sounds of Andrew WK…solo. Yep, he’s touring on his own sans the band for what he calls “The Human Party Machine Solo Tour”, which means this will either be a complete disaster or a completely righteous spectacle of everything awesome in the world. To find out, you must attend. If you choose to accept this mission, please continue.

Best known for his 2001 hit single “Party Hard”, Andrew’s talents stretch far and wide. The singer/songwriter can play multiple instruments, produce music, and considers himself a motivational speaker in addition to a hard-partying performer. He can basically do it all, folks, which is why so many people worship the ground he walks on. Keep in mind this is mild behavior for the average Andrew WK fan.

SMOur favorite part about the show is that they’ve managed to snab the most appropriate local opener to ever open for any show ever in the history of shows at any venue in Pittsburgh. We’re talking about the illustrious Sneaky Mike, a Party God in his own right, who will descend upon the Altar Bar stage from the mean streets of Garfield to lube up the crowd properly and possibly even put Andrew WK to shame he’s THAT good. As long time Sneaky Mike fans, we can tell you to expect a lot of gold pants-wearing, long, flowing gingerness and high energy lyrical domination. We also hope he quotes us some day in an upcoming promo because we feel like that description is very apt.

Best of all, we have a giveaway for you party animals, because chances are, the $20 ticket price is out of your budget when you spend all your time hoo-haa-ing and causing a ruckus wherever you go. We respect that, which is why we’re throwing you a bone. Simply follow the Rafflecopter instructions below and the winner must respond via e-mail within 24 hours to confirm. No will call switches will be permitted. Get something done today and enter this giveaway. Better yet, buy your tickets now to guarantee a good time.

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