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Published On August 4, 2012 | By Sweet1Lani | Giveaways, The Arts

Are you seeking personal enlightenment? Would you like to live in a world without barriers, disappointments, or pain? Gate Corporation provides a refitnessing program to alleviate your sadness, fatigue, and worldly troubles.

STRATA, or Strategic Training And Testing Agency, has a center in Downtown Pittsburgh that is fully equipped to deliver cutting edge proto-corrective treatment to attain clearer happier living, or iConsciousness, all for only $60 a session.

Intrigued, we journeyed to the facility for a refittnessing session of our own, in order to share with you, our readers, the truth behind STRATA and its effectiveness.

In reality, STRATA is the newest piece by the innovative and adventurous production company, Bricolage. The “immersive urban adventure” recalls dystopian fiction like Brave New World mixed with underlying Buddhist philosophy. The entire affair is clandestine, with secret meeting locations, code words, and surprises around every corner.

To attend a “refittnessing” session you must have a Life Works Partner to embark on your journey. Together you begin your adventure at a secret location, and are then scuttled off to various check points until you arrive at the STRATA center.  The entire experience is interactive, and it appears your choices and actions determine your fate. No one, not even your Life Works Partner, will undergo the same itinerary.

Having never participated in such interactive theater, the experience was at times quite jarring, and at other times rather serene.  Faced with the often deep nature of the subject matter, you may have to keep reminding yourself, “This is a show, a form of entertainment,” and not real life.  Every sense is engaged, you are constantly moving and interacting, and you’re thinking about and sometimes asked to expose intimate details of your life.  That is the pure genius behind the work. Art becomes life, life becomes art.  Perhaps it really is a rehabilitation center of sorts, guised as a theater production, posing as a refittnessing center.

Regardless of its ‘true’ nature, STRATA is worth a visit, or three. Due to the unique nature of the piece, each visit is one of a kind, which is why Bricolage is offering $20 off of your second trip. I admit, my first time through I remained quiet passive, did as I was told, and found myself apologizing over and over. It’s my nature to avoid rocking the boat and to avoid confrontation. It wasn’t until afterwards I realized I could have reacted much differently- defiant, brazen, outrageous. That is the beauty of this production, you are a character in the show, and can live out an alter-ego that may never otherwise see the light of day. This element also exposes the social experiment STRATA creates. We don’t often experience such confrontational situations, and without a handbook on how to react, many will find themselves acting in guidance with social norms. After it is all said and done, Bricolage may have some amusing insight on what people are willing to do because they think they have to.

Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Well lucky for you, we nabbed a pair of tickets to giveaway. To enter follow the Rafflecopter directions below, then be sure to comment on this post, where it says Leave a Reply, with why you need to reach iConsciouness.
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