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Published On May 22, 2015 | By Elizabeth Harris | Giveaways

RAW: Exposure (PGH; April 2015)

On Thursday, June 4, RAW: Artists returns to Mr. Smalls Theatre for its first summer showcase. For those not already familiar, RAW is an international arts organization that brings together local artists in the areas of visual art, music, fashion, film, hair and makeup, photography, and preforming arts. The organization currently holds events in over 60 cities around the world, and Pittsburgh has become a hub for artists and art lovers alike to enjoy unique local talent at each bimonthly showcase. Come check out Pittsburgh’s next edition of RAW: Splendor on June 4, and read up on a few of Splendor’s up-and-coming featured artists below.


Dr. Anju Jolly

Dr. Anju Jolly is a self-taught mosaic artist and professor of education at Penn State Harrisburg. She uses glass, beads, found objects, and more to create her mosaics. Jolly strives to tell a story with her beautiful, unique mosaics, and touch the senses of those who view them. Purchase tickets in Jolly’s name.


Sinclair Jewelry

Sinclair Jewelry, made by Brandy Sinclair, offers lovely handcrafted jewelry inspired by a desire to bring the treasures of the past into modern life. Sinclair uses handpicked stones provided by gemologist Brian Hagan to create long-lasting, high quality jewelry. If you are looking to purchase new, unique jewelry enriched in history, make sure to check out Sinclair Jewelry at the Splendor showcase. Purchase tickets in Sinclair’s name.


The John Trumaine Show

The John Trumaine Show is a psychedelic rock and roll band featuring Greg King, Joshua Challen, and John Lora. Visual stimulation is an important aspect to the band’s music, including video projection and full installation. The band provides a show meant for any medium or artistic expression. Purchase tickets in The John Trumaine Show’s name.


Marsha Lee Moore

Marsha Lee Moore, a survivor of sexual abuse, said it was art that enabled her to heal and overcome her tragic past. She strives to create art that tells her story and will show other victims of sexual abuse that it is safe to speak out and tell their own stories. Purchase tickets in Moore’s name.

In addition to the aforementioned artists, check out over 30 others at June’s RAW showcase. Be sure to purchase a ticket online in advance to save $5, or you can enter below for a chance to win two free tickets.

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