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Published On May 23, 2014 | By Madeline Weiss | Giveaways

titus andronicus giveawayTitus Andronicus is a punk/indie rock band specializing in pure garage punk from Glen Rock, New Jersey. They’ll be playing some of their signature, melancholy rock at Cattivo on Thursday, June 5 at 6PM. The band credits a wide range of influences–from Neutral Milk Hotel, Bruce Springsteen, and The Pixies to name a few. Still, they have a very distinct sound that stems from a unique artistic vision that carries through different album styles and members, and should continue to persist for some time.

Titus Andronicus came onto the scene with their first album, The Airing of Grievances, in 2008. They followed this up with The Monitor in 2010, and released their third and most recent record, Local Business, in 2012. Local Business snagged them the #38 slot on Rolling Stone‘s “Best Albums of 2012” list. Their newest album, for which the title has yet to be released, is described to be a 30-song rock opera. They even talked about an accompanying film or set of music videos for the project.

Front man Patrick Stickles, has plenty to say about this upcoming project. He explains that he hopes to create solidarity between the listener and the creator in the song. He feels like an artist wielding a guitar, and that his guitar connects him to the human experience in the same way that other artists may be drawn to a camera or a paintbrush. He says it’s all about an artist saying, “This is how I feel, you feel this way, too? Hey, me too. We’re friends now.”

His artistic expression via the virtuosity of his guitar and lyrics may only be a momentary means of expression, though. Stickles wonders if, in the future, writing a book may be more convenient or appropriate and he’ll work to do that instead. For now, he wants to express this story–one about depression and losing or finding hope in the human race–through a rock opera and series of videos. It fuses philosophy, mental health, and sci-fi elements to tell a story about being human (or not). For a group that takes their name from an esteemed Shakespearean tragedy, it seems only fitting to incorporate aspects of a drama and storytelling in their melancholy, relatable, punk-rock voice.

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