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Published On October 9, 2013 | By Lindsay Franko | Giveaways, Music

BTL Full Cover PicNot to be confused with the video for Robin Thicke’s overplayed summer banger “Blurred Lines,” (I mean, seriously, how many times did you hear that song this summer?) Nashville’s Those Darlins create their own kind of sleaziness with the cover art for Blur the Line,their newest album, but that’s about as far as similarities go.

“These sounds reveal a stronger Those Darlins,” the band states on their Facebook, “unafraid of revealing who we are and striving to make our own noise.”


Spanning across genres, it is hard to categorize the album into one sound. From garage-rock, to their country roots, and some girl-group pop, Blur the Line reveals lyrics full of wit to awkward confessions and back again, varying from each track. “What’s the fun in having fun unless your brain says no?” asks “Can’t Think,” while the ominous “Oh God,” opens up the album, holding nothing back with “I was a drunk girl in the shower in yet another shit hotel.”


“When we first started out we were really wild and crazy. We were just so excited to be in a band, we were just going all the way, all the time. There was some focus on music, but I think the performance and engaging people was what we were concentrating on, whereas now it’s a little bit more introverted. We still really want to interact with audience members and we want it to be an experience. And, whatever, people can think whatever they want about us, but they’ll know in the future what this album is and what the band is, and that it’s not just, ‘Let’s get drunk and party. These are a bunch of fun, silly songs.’ There’s some depth behind it and we’re exposing ourselves a little bit more instead of these characters we’ve built over the years.”


Take a listen to their whole album stream below.


Fans 21 and over can purchase tickets for the show on October 18th at Club Cafe online or at the door for $12. You can try your luck at our giveaway for a pair of tickets, just follow the directions below.


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