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Published On May 29, 2014 | By Madeline Weiss | Giveaways

dr dog 2 pittsburgh eventsDr. Dog began when members Toby Leaman and Scott McMicken got together to play original songs in the eighth grade. Now, their audience is beyond the neighborhood watch. The band’s 2014 tour will see them all around the country and they’ll even be making a stop at Bonnaroo on June 12. You can catch them before they make their way to Tennessee, on June 10th at Stage AE, for what is possibly their millionth visit to the ‘Burgh. They’ve been here quite a lot! Pittsburgh must love their Dr. Dog!

Dr. Dog released their first album, The Psychedelic Swamp, in 2001, shortly followed by Toothbrush in 2002. Their most recent album, B-Room, was released in 2013. Dr. Dog now consists of Frank McElroy, Zach Miller, Eric Slick, and Dimitri Manos, in addition to Leaman and McMicken. B-Room was the first project recorded in their brand new personal studio, and a shining example of all the progress the group has made in twelve years. Their early recordings made use of 8-track technology, and they were entirely self-produced.

The group is a true figure in chill indie rock. A little psychedelic and a little funky, Dr. Dog has the summertime sound mastered. On other tracks, they can be a bit dark or moody, and at times, tasteful and alluring. Albums such as Be the Void (2012) feature epic folk-indie rock songs in addition to some funky, dance-able tunes, proving their versatility and musical ability.

Their sound has matured over the years, and B-Room is a work of impressive collaboration from the seasoned, psychedelic rock group. The personal studio, a 5,000-square-foot building with all the necessities of home, became an area of constant creative inspiration for each band member. The result sounds definitive, passionate, and organic; a true representation of the creative integrity of each member next to the others.

You can enter to win tickets below, or purchase them here for $22 plus fees. The show is at 7PM on June 10 at Stage AE!

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