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Published On November 21, 2014 | By Breanna Durham | Giveaways

Labatt Repeal Day Party Pittsburgh EventsThe repeal of Prohibition has long since come and gone, but it’s not too late to rejoice! Pay homage to the 20’s and celebrate the release of Labatt’s Prohibition beer series at the Labatt Repeal Day Party. The party takes place on Dec. 5 at Cavo Nightclub from 9:00PM-1:00AM, and guests are expected to come dressed head-to-toe in pertinent attire. That means come dressed in your finest fedoras, flashiest flapper dresses, and don’t forget to brush up on those swing moves.

The Prohibition era heavily suppressed the sale and distribution of alcohol nationwide, but Labatt found a way to survive. In 1847, founder John Kinder opened the Labatt brewery in Canada. Upon this decision, he wrote a letter to his wife, saying, “I have been considering this brewing affair for some time and think it would suit me better than anything else…”  The passing of Prohibition in the Province of Ontario lead Kinder to make some major adjustments. Thinking quickly in order to save the company, Labatt exported its beer to the US and brewed two special “temperance ales.” These brews contained less than 2 percent alcohol, allowing them to remain on the market in Ontario. The brewery took a hit, but still managed to survive and remain solid in a complicated industry.

Labatt Repeal Day Party Pittsburgh Events 2Celebrating history’s victories in style, Labatt is giving guests a glimpse into the “era of smugglers and speakeasies.” Mingle in Cavo’s exposed brick nightclub as you sample the “flavor[s] too big to ban.” Labatt Prohibition Bourbon Barrel Ale and Apple Harvest Ale are the first two beers in the series, infused with deep bourbons and honey crisp Apple flavors. Among table games and other party festivities, guests can sip on these fine beverages, enjoy the performances of aerialists, and celebrate a monumental movement in history.

Like all good speakeasies, this shindig is invite-only. If you want to gain access to this exclusive endeavor, you need to know somebody that knows somebody. And we’re that somebody. You don’t need a password, a secret handshake, or a complicated knocking sequence. Just enter our giveaway below, and don’t forget to Like us on our Facebook page!

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