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Published On October 30, 2014 | By Breanna Durham | Giveaways

Hannibal Burress Pittsburgh Events2If Hannibal Buress gets bored with an interview, he’ll make things up to keep things spicy. He’ll tell you he got his job on Broad City while betting with one of his co-stars in an underground gambling ring. He’ll tell you he dreams of eating a penguin.  He’ll tell you ninjas kidnapped him as a child, and he had to do a ‘killer five-minute set’ to get away. The more far-fetched his stories are, the more we laugh.   As Buress rises to the top as the straight-faced funny man delivering you the awkward and absurd, he’s making a stop in Pittsburgh on  November 9th at the Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall.

Although his story bounces around depending on his mood, the origin of most of his comedy stories began on his college campus in 2002. While he attended Southern Illinois University, he did open mic nights. In 2008, he moved to New York to live with his sister while he tried to score some shows.  His sister didn’t agree with this abrupt plan and Buress quickly found himself sleeping on the subway.  For a while, he continued this nomad life at hostels or on friend’s couches while he looked for gigs. In 2009, Saturday Night Live hired him as a writer, and his career soon shot up from there. He went on to write for 30 Rock,  co-host  Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show, and acting on Comedy Central’s Broad City.

During all of this, Buress continued to tour and spread his comedy across different mediums. He released his first stand-up comedy album, My Name is Hannibal, in 2010. You can also find clips of his stand-ups on things like Pandora and Youtube. But, you might want to get him in full quick-witted effect as he travels the country on his The Comedy Camisado Tour. Get your tickets here for his show in Pittsburgh or press your luck and enter our giveaway for tickets.
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