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Published On June 16, 2014 | By Madeline Weiss | Giveaways

black flag flyer pittsburgh eventsSince their beginnings in 1976, Black Flag has been a major name in music and is considered to be one of the first hardcore punk bands. They’ve broken up and reunited three times over the past (almost) forty years, and they decided to get back together in 2013. Now they’re traveling North America on their Victimology tour, with Hor and Cinema Cinema.

With a few changes to the line-up (Mike Vallely will join the group as the band’s fifth vocalist since their inception) the band will make their way down to the Altar Bar on June 25th. Black Flag will also release their newest album, Victimology, this year. After all the lawsuits and conflicts, pro skateboarder and band manager Vallely is looking forward to his experience on the mic. “I’m excited about performing songs from the entire Black Flag catalog,” says Vallely. “I feel confident in my ability to communicate the songs — To give them their due respect and yet still make them my own. Ginn’s songwriting is truly timeless and it gives all of the material relevance right here, right now.”

The band released the album What The… in 2013, which was their first recording since 1985’s In My Head, for which the vocals were done by the iconic Henry Rollins. Greg Ginn, guitarist and founding member, acknowledged that the bizarre record didn’t live up to Black Flag’s high standards, and this tour is one of the ways the group is making up for it. Of the event, Ginn said “I write a lot of music, and I’ll write a lot more music. I’m not gonna cry over one fucking record.” Vallely was chosen as the vocalist after What The… to ensure that the road ahead–this tour included–looks exactly the way it should after all these years of legend status.

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