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Published On March 10, 2014 | By Kymbo Slice | Giveaways

PBMIs it too early to call Pittsburgh Batman a cult hit? We aren’t sure, but can say with certainty that there is no better $25 you will spend this year on entertaining yourself than attending Lord Grunge’s original stage production, which kicks off its revival run Thursday, March 20-22 at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater. 100% pure raunchiness, this show encapsulates all you’ve come to love about the quirky indie hip-hop duo Grand Buffet, an unforgettable assortment of beloved Pittsburgh characters and of course, Batman. After selling out three nights during its debut run at downtown theater Bricolage, the cast has some high expectations to live up to. We chatted with Lord Grunge and castmate Davon Magwood to see what’s new this time around in an effort to hype up a show that, in our opinion, cannot be missed.

Grunge, who plays the show’s protagonist, Pittsburgh Batman, claims they’re down to the wire with their practice schedule versus last year, when they practiced over three months leading up to the debut.

“I overdo it but if I don’t freak out, nothing gets done. It takes a little bit to keep motherfuckers in line.”

And it’s not without a few surprises and updates,

“It’s primarily the same show and cast, but it’s turnt up.”

Sage Francis joins this year as New England Bane, replacing Seth Bickford who has a different role. It also features indie-rock legend/original ‘vlogger’ Weird Paul Petroskey, Ultimate Donny (formerly of the legendary band Gil Mantera’s Party Dream), drag queen-extraordinaire Varian ‘Tising’ Huddleston, and comedian Davon Magwood. Grunge adds,

“One new character is the Youngstown Joker’s S&M henchman. And we got a dude named Flyin’ Ryan Burke. He’s a professional wrestler from outside of Youngstown, which is perfect. That’s the biggest change, a brand new character. Hopefully some fight choreography.”

Our favorite character, Varian ‘Tising’ Huddleston will also be returning.

“I gave her those songs a week before the show. Maybe two. She showed up two days before dress rehearsal and knew every lyric. Verian is a consummate professional, and she’s back, which I’m super duper excited about. Verian was a character that I absolutely had to have back this year. She killed it so hard.”

Going from the intimate setting of Bricolage to a 340-seat theater isn’t without its challenges.

“We wanted to go bigger. That’s a lot bigger. It’s going to be a very different look and feel. We have an awesome cast. It’s an entertaining as fuck show. I think it’s going to work in the big room, but it’s going to be different. I am hoping the people from last year are going to re up and want to see it again. I hope so. Knockin on wood.”

Grunge gives one hell of a testimonial for his own show, too.

I defy anyone to go see it and not be entertained. You either have to be an asshole or a corpse to not be entertained. Not to toot my own horn, but you know, I’m a believer in this show. I think it gives Pittsburgh daps in a lot of ways. It celebrates a lot of the quirkier aspects of Pittsburgh, shit that gets slept on. When Pittsburgh is depicted in a movie, they always make it try to look like New Jersey or some shit like that, which I think is kinda bogus. It’s packed chock full o’ Pittsburgh flavor.

If you want to bite into a piece of the flav and hit up this epic play, you can buy your tickets here for $25 in advance before they go up to $30 at the door. Or, you can enter our giveaway to score a pair. We’re sure The Joker would approve, since he’s a cheap ass. Simply follow the Rafflecopter instructions below and you’ll be well on your way to this summer’s beach bod from laughing nonstop for two hours straight.

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