Party Pooper #3 | Dirty Ball Giveaway!

Published On May 3, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Giveaways

Do you like to spend your weekends gettin’ dirty? If so, you’re in luck! We have four pairs of tickets to give away to this year’s Dirty Ball!  FUZE will be there to quench your non-alcoholic thirst. These puppies are $75 at the door, so here’s your chance to attend if you didn’t want to splurge.

We just installed a nifty new commenting system that enables users to interact with us via Facebook. We hope this feature makes it easier for our readers to participate in our contests. Party Pooper selects a piece of bathroom graffiti from a local bar and it’s up to you to guess where the photo was taken. To win, simply leave a comment below. We will announce a winner for one pair of tickets every day from now until Friday, so you have plenty of chances to win! This one’s a toughie, so anyone who leaves a comment will be selected at random and have an equal shot at winning. We will announce a winner by 6pm every day this week until the Dirty Ball on Saturday.

We’re making this one extra hard since the prize is extra sweet. Good luck!

8 Responses to Party Pooper #3 | Dirty Ball Giveaway!

  1. April Ragland says:

    Firehouse Lounge

  2. Joshua says:

    Is it S Bar?

  3. Dave Henninger says:

    No idea, but I’d love 2 tickets!!

  4. Steve Slusarski says:

    Hey gang, gonna try and make the trip down from Cleveland for the East End Pedal Pale Ale bike ride and then hit up the Dirrty Ball if y’all can throw me a couple tix. That’d be grand.

    ps. no clue where the graffitti’s from, but let’s say Tbird Cafe

  5. kitty julian says:

    Round corner

  6. Dominic Cincotta says:

    Well, the clue is sweet, so I’m gonna say Coco’s cupcakes.

  7. Erran Murphy says:

    Round corner

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