Party Pooper #1 WINNER!

Published On April 7, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Giveaways

Welp. We had our first contest. A lot of you viewed it, but not a lot of you answered. It wasn’t that tough – cMon guys! Since our first official winner, none other than Sneaky Mike, won’t be in town for Lazercrunk tonight, We’ve decided to make everyone else who entered a winner! Please e-mail with your full name and we’ll leave it at the door.

Congratulations Devin, Nelson and Emurph – you all guessed correctly! This photo was taken in one of the women’s room stalls at Belvedere’s. Apparently some of you do pay attention to what they stamp on your hand before you wash it off after breaking the seal.

Our next contest kicks off tomorrow with a pair of tickets to an upcoming show at the Bricolage Theater, which is located downtown. Pay attention tonight when you’re on them potties – you never know what bathroom we might end up in next.

As for tonight, Lazercrunk hits Brillo with their biggest booking to-date, Mochipet. I’ve been hearing a lot about this guy as the event draws closer, and music aside – he’s really into some weird shit. What’s up with the dinosaur fetish? He must like it rough! Dayom! Pair that with his cute asian-ness and penchant for toys, and you’ve got the next big DJ to hit the 412. Check him out in action:

If dubstep, breakcore or glitch-hop get you moving, you might want to check this out. I anticipate an epic showing for this one, so get there early.

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