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Published On October 3, 2014 | By Nuria Marquez | Giveaways

ok go

OK Go‘s music video for their hit song, “Here It Goes Again,” went viral on computer screens across the country and won the Grammy Music Award for Best Video in 2007. The video didn’t only flaunt the band’s musicianship, but their treadmill skills too. The foursome has a reputation for  putting out some of the most creative music videos in the biz. They’ve not only mastered the art of filming everything in a single-shot, but they’ve made waves in the alternative-pop scene as well. With songs like “White Knuckles,” and their most recent single “The Writing’s On the Wall,” the band has shown that they can take their tried and true sound and modernize it.


Their fourth studio album, Hungry Ghosts is a great example of a band adding modern electronic elements while still finding a way to make it their own. Hungry Ghosts is coming out in October, but they’ve been touring all over the US since July debuting its work. If their live concerts are anything like their music videos, then we’re gonna want to be front row. To them, every show is an extension of their music videos, and a collective experience for all concert-goers.

They’re making their way to Mr. Smalls on Oct. 13th with openers Cutups & Keeb$. Buy your tickets here or enter to win some below!

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