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Published On March 16, 2015 | By Jenna Moen | Giveaways

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In just one weekend, you can learn all there is to know about Pittsburgh’s local food scene and how to bring it into your home. Farm to Table PGH bridges the gap between local producers and consumers in hosting the 9th annual Local Food Conference at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center this March. In a world that’s increasingly concerned with sustainability due to environmental degradation and economic and social injustice, this conference epitomizes a local act that’s part of a global solution. By offering an opportunity to improve lives, we can perpetuate a sustainable future in Pittsburgh. “Think Global, Act Local,” as the saying goes – and it holds true.

The conference includes exhibits and demonstrations by independent growers, vendors, and restaurants; as well as key speakers, a Friday food tasting, a Saturday Networking Breakfast, and beer, wine and spirits to go around. This year’s Friday Night Tasting is an after work happy hour, and the theme is “Cooking at Home,” which means you will learn how to improve your daily diet via easy, organic recipes. If you want to see last year’s schedule to know what to expect, check out the Food Sources pamphlet on the webpage.

So what are the benefits of eating food grown locally? Eating food from local providers economically supports your neighborhood farmer, allowing them to maintain colorful and nutritious farms while the money is reinvested into local businesses. Compared to huge agricultural corporations, most local farmers use either fewer pesticides, organic methods, or none at all, which means you are eating richer, riper, and healthier food. The stock is treated humanely, and meat is fresh when it reaches your plate. You know where your food comes from, and you’re helping a friend.

One local farm appearing at this year’s conference is 1st Generation Farms, a family-owned business based in Prospect, PA. They emphasize quality over quantity, and stay faithful to humane, sustainable practices. The photo on the left shows new chicks that just hatched on the farm. baby chicks Pork and pastured chicken are their main focus, but they raise some grass-fed beef and offer free-range eggs in the warmer months. All their animals are frequently rotated around the land so they always have fresh grass to eat. The conference offers several opportunities to learn from farmers about their harvesting habits.

Farm to Table is Pittsburgh’s local food resource and the healthy eating component of the Pathways to SmartCare Wellness Program, which empowers group members to make smart life choices with their healthcare dollars. As part of the American Healthcare Group, LLC, the SmartCare program works with local businesses to guide employees in achieving their wellness goals.

Looking to attend? Make sure to register for the conference with Showclix. Dates are March 27-28, and entry prices vary from $5-$45. There are also group registration discounts available for parties of 10 or more. For more information on exhibiting and sponsoring, check out the conference exhibitor page. Or try your luck at winning two free Tasting tickets by entering our giveaway below!

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