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Published On January 9, 2015 | By Theo McCauley | Giveaways

Lotus bandIn June 2013, NakYouOut classified Lotus as an instrumental electronic jam band when we previewed a show they performed following the release of their album, Build. Eighteen months and two albums later, Lotus has completely revamped their sound for their new album, The Gilded Age. The direction of the group’s music still remains the same, staying true to the aerated tones enjoyed by fans of Build and Monk. This time, however, their new album’s concept hones in on individual instruments and voice signatures to create a more focused resonance.

The title of the album, The Gilded Age, is a reference to a term coined by Mark Twain when he described the Reconstruction Era’s thinly masked social strife. On their Bandcamp site, Lotus describes their overarching goal for the tracks in the theme of their album title, stating: “We wanted to occupy that powerful place of the human mind, the mental eye that can see erosion and cracks, and still envision a palace.” This is accomplished magnificently through their use of organic instruments and happy nostalgia.

We hope that you are suitably hyped for Lotus to bring The Gilded Age Tour through Pittsburgh. They will be performing at Stage AE on Jan. 23 with opening support from the band, The Werks. Doors open at 8PM.

Tickets are on sale now for $22, and they’re going quicker than quick. We’re also giving away two tickets, which means you and a buddy could catch the show for free! Follow the Rafflecopter below, and we’ll let you know if you’re a winner on Jan. 16.

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