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Published On March 24, 2014 | By Sweet1Lani | Giveaways

1375078_628351057210156_918317323_nSometimes we forget that rock and roll, soul, and even hip hop all have roots in American Folk Music. For Kwesi K, it’s a lifelong love of all of these genres that defines the music he creates. “I’m definitely a mut when it comes to my musical taste. I’ll listen to Blake Shelton, then get sick of it and turn on Outkast. I like Drake, and I like Nick Drake. I remember being ten and my favorite music video was Dru Hill’s ‘You Are Everything’. That Christmas I got Faith Hill’s single ‘This Kiss’ and I was still stoked. I just loved, and still do love listening to music,” he explains.

Kwesi K has an eclectic heritage, which may be what contributes to his eclectic tastes. While he is of Ghanian descent, he was born in Alaska, and raised in Ohio. Before picking up the guitar and becoming a musician, he was a dedicated student athlete. He actually received a football scholarship to Lehigh University, but his call to create music soon eclipsed his athletic career. When asked to explain why he switched, he said, “I was a student-athlete, and it was probably one of my hardest jobs to-date. I liked it, didn’t love it, and eventually decided it’s not how I wanted to spend five hours of my day, every day for the next four years of my life.”

It was his time studying abroad that inspired him to follow his musical dreams, “Everything [about Barcelona], the museums and buildings, the culture and language, the anonymity of being in a foreign country, inspired me. All that plus me being flat broke, led me to start walking to Park Güell every day with my guitar. I made up songs and sang them to complete strangers and tourists that walked by. I’d hate to imagine life without ever experiencing that kind of freedom.”

Listening to his last EP, Pronouns, there’s a striking similarity in vocals to Jack Johnson over a lighthearted, cheerful melody. His soulful and simple lyrics partner well with his colorful story lines.

If you’re down with his sound, you are in luck! Kwesi K will be performing at Club Cafe, alongside our dear friend Gene Stovall and Circles & Squares on Thursday, April 3rd at 8pm. Tickets are only $8 in advance or $10 at the door, but for one of our lucky readers, we have a pair for you to win! Follow the instructions below and keep an eye on your inbox to see if you won. You’ll only have 24 hours to claim your prize.  Good Luck!
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