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Published On August 22, 2014 | By JimJam | Giveaways

foster the people pittsburgh eventsYou know Foster the People for their breakthrough hit, “Pumped Up Kicks,” but did you know that’s how the indie-pop trio got their start? Founder of the band, Mark Foster, worked as a commercial jingle writer at the company, Mophonics. It was there after the band formed, where Foster wrote and recorded the song. He posted the song on his website, which drew unsuspected attention, and eventually, the song went viral. Foster the People are making their way to Stage AE on Monday, September 8 for a stop on their 2014 World Tour. Doors open at 6:30 PM.

Shortly after the band surfaced, Startime International took a chance and signed them to a record deal. They were more devoted than ever to their music, and vowed to create an album that lived up to their first hit. After a long year of writing and recording, the band finally released their first album, Torches, complete with the song that got them their start, “Pumped Up Kicks.”

With barely any experience performing live, the band earned their stripes by performing at local clubs, which paid off when they booked a spot at Coachella in 2011. By the time they wrapped up their last tour for Torches in 2012, they had performed close to 300 shows in just a short 16-month period.

Just recently, in early Spring 2014, Foster the People released their second album, Supermodel. The first single released from the new album was “Coming of Age,” which has nearly 5 million views on Youtube already.

You can purchase tickets here, or enter our giveaway to win a pair below. Good luck and have fun!
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