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Published On January 29, 2015 | By Zoe Hannah | Giveaways
Photo Credit: Aesop Rock

Photo Credit: Aesop Rock

Between 1997 and 2007, Aesop Rock released five albums, three EPs, and several tracks that led to his inevitable fame. He’s spent the past nine years touring for these albums, performing shows in Australia, the UK, and all over Europe. For the first time since his 2007 project, None Shall Pass, the artist has released yet another powerful, deep, solo album that packs a unique punch with its immensely personal lyrics. Skelethon is Aesop Rock’s first completely self-produced album, featuring voices such as Kimya Dawson (you’d most likely recognize her music from the movie, Juno).

On Feb. 12 at 8PM, San Francisco’s hip hop legend will immerse Altar Bar with the sounds of Skelethon, which explores the dark, twisting tunnels of his mind.

Performing alongside Aesop Rock will be hip hop artist, Rob Sonic. The artists have often worked closely together, collaborating seamlessly throughout their careers. Rob Sonic has made a name for himself as a prominent, respected figure within the hip hop community. His latest album, Telicatessen, was also self-produced in its entirety, and has been described as “jaw-dropping” and a “work of art.” Concert goers will get a taste of Sonic’s album and its powerfully gritty persona, amplified by his smartly written, carefully calculated lyrics.

Also joining Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic for opening support are hip hop emcee and musician, Homeboy Sandman, and underground hip-hop producer-artist, DJ Abilities.  Tickets are $20, or free if you win our giveaway below!

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