A Giveaway and a Good Cause

Published On April 5, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Community, Giveaways

Welp. It’s opening day for the Pirates. The North Shore is a madhouse. It smells of beer and meat at 10AM and the city has once again come alive to support the black sheep of the Pittsburgh sports scene. I will say, as a broad, the Pirates do have the cutest merch. I rock that shit sometimes. And yes, baseball is pretty much the only sport I can genuinely say that I have been a fan of at one point in my life. I grew up on those cute men in tight pants, with their bubblegum and baby faces. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. We’ve got two things on the agenda today. The first is to tell you about a video one of our contributing writers, Aron, put together with some of his peeps. I’ll let you read his words below. Then, we’ll be giving away a bad ass Pirates tee from our friends over at Jock N’ Roll. Dude’s making some of the coolest Pittsburgh-themed merch around, and you don’t wanna be the only kid in school who isn’t looking fresh when it comes time to support your beloved Penguins, Pirates, Steelers and all that jazz. First thing’s first tho. Take it away Aron.

This city has the awesomeness and rare ability to believe together in something almost on the verge of extinction and breathe life back into it. Once the dirtiest and most polluted city in America, Pittsburgh is now a world leader in cutting edge green technology. As for all you recent Pens and Steelers fans, where were you in the 80’s when the Steel Curtain crumbled or even the turn of the century when we almost LOST the Pens…I can tell you where you were… nestled – right between three rivers in the Blast Furnace we knew as 3 Rivers Stadium watching your consecutive divisional champions, year after year, the pennant-contending Pittsburgh Pirates. Even when the “Curse of Sid Bream Curse” was in its infancy the city was still buzzing for their Buccos, the new PNC Park, and hosting the All-Star game again. I know, we all have lost loves we think about from time to time, check in on them, be it Facebook, or a box score. This love however, never stopped loving you, investing countless dollars in under privileged and disabled youth baseball programs, even most recently footing the bill for a local high school softball team’s bus charter when there was no one else. Sometimes people lose track of their best intentions in a relationship, listen to all the wrong people, when all along the answer lies right there in front of you. So please, take this statement with compassion. Last year’s season, if anything, should show you there is a change coming, and the Spark for our old flame “The Bucs” was reignited a bit last year. Yes the season ended again in disappointment, but just think of how crowded it was last season when for the first time in nearly a DECADE the Pirates sat in 1st place in the NL central. Pirates gear was EVERYWHERE. There are some strong signs this relationship can hold, and that their fear of commitment is over. Last year’s hiring of Clint Hurdle, and recent big contract extension to marquee players lets those long time loyal fans see things most grew blind too. THE PIRATES ARE BACK – and it’s time to catch some BUCCO FEVER!!!

The local music scene especially agrees with this statement, and several of them banded together to try and help spark that fever again by releasing a new era Pirates fight song, “Bucco Fever” by The Lumber Company. Resources, time, and talent were all donated for this collaboration to help find that spirit again. In addition, the guys are using the opportunity and profits from the song to try and raise money for the Prader–Willi Foundation. For those of you unfamiliar with this disease, Pittsburgh is one of the primary treatment centers in the country to fight the disorder. This was a huge factor in Clint moving his family and career to Pittsburgh and taking the helm as skipper. So what better way to show our appreciation by getting behind our Buccos and behind our world class medical treatment centers, than getting behind our fellow music community as they try and give back.

Now that we got you all pumped up about the Pirates again, it’s time to win a sweet tee, courtesy of our friends over at Jock N’ Roll. They’re running a sale right now. $18 for their Bucco II tee online and if you order between April 2 and 13 you’ll get a 20% off coupon for future purchases! Sa-weet! Peep this vid they made about the sale:

All you have to do to win the tee is leave a comment below naming your favorite Pittsburgh athlete. We’ll pick a winner at random next Thursday the 12th. Good luck and go Pirates!

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