The Independent Brewing Company

Published On January 14, 2014 | By Elisabeth Petras | Food & Drink

independent brewing companyPittsburgh has long been a town of great food and great beer. This history and the recent growth of the local craft beer scene is the inspiration for the newest bar opening up in Squirrel Hill. In the 1900s, a group of local brewers joined together to form the Independent Brewing Company. This collaboration of individuals worked to protect the interests of local breweries until prohibition when it was disbanded. It is in this spirit that today’s Independent Brewing Company was formed. Despite the name, the Independent Brewing Company is not a brewery, but uses the name and logo from the previous company to capture the same spirit and local pride.

Although it doesn’t brew the beer, this laid back tavern seeks to establish itself as a place where our region’s craft brewers can grow, expand their brands, show off new and unique products, and collaborate. By serving only local beers, the Independent Brewing Company limits the distance between the brewery and your glass, providing you with the freshest beer possible.

Too classy for beer? Well, The Independent Brewing Company also offers a variety of local “brown” spirits for your enjoyment. On weekdays, residents and guests to Squirrel Hill can order these spirits neat, on the rocks neat, on the rocks, with local seltzer water, or in tandem with a draft brew. On Saturdays the Independent Brewing Company mixes things up and serves a changing menu of original cocktails that feature more unusual ingredients, advanced techniques and creative presentations. Like the brews, these cocktails incorporate local pride using spirits from local distilleries such as Boyd & Blair, Maggie’s Farm, and Wigle, as well as seasonal local produce like the pawpaw.

Whether you’re just looking for a beer after work or a you’re cocktail connoisseur, we recommend checking out The Independent Brewing Company when they open. According to their website, doors should open the 2nd or 3rd week of January, 2014.

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