Red Star Kombucha Debuts Growler Shop in Market Square

Published On March 28, 2016 | By Leah Kennedy | Food & Drink
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Red Star Kombucha

Back in 2012, Red Star Kombucha premiered a new brew in the Burgh, marking the establishment the first in PA to manufacture the now highly-sought-after “kombucha” beverage.

For those unfamiliar with the brew, the black (or green) fermented tea is divulged from tiny clusters of bacteria–known as Scobies–to reach its final form. The end result is a lightly sweetened, slightly alcoholic beverage that provides a multitude of health benefits in addition to its refreshing taste.

red starRecently, Red Star began prepping to open their next PGH location: a full service Growler Shop located in Downtown Market Square. And on April 1, owners will open their doors to the public with plenty of new features and fresh brew concepts for guests to get stoked on.

“The growler shop is the way to get direct and fresh from the source… It is our retail shop for our 21+, unaltered, unfiltered, completely raw kombucha,” owner Joy Toujours shared with NYO recently.

“We have new brews coming in weekly, ranging from our CiderBuch (5% abv.), made with a local blend of apples; to a variety of herbal (2% abv.), authentic, Shandy-like kombuchas–from Turmeric, to super sour Cherry Vanilla. We will also dry hop, wet hop and occasionally barrel age new blends of our probiotic fermented teas.”

Toujours also shared that Red Star Owners are excited to have a great downtown location to provide to the local art scene. The small design of the shop makes for a perfect spot to host an art show, and what better way to incorporate the opening event with a touch of local creativity ?

Kara ZuZu – “Goddesses” Art Series

In addition to the opening, Pittsburgh artist Kara ZuZu will premiere her latest art installment and colorfully strong female portrait series, “Goddesses.” Guests can browse the poppy, playful art display while sipping delectable drinks and sampling small bites.

According to Toujours, a wide selection of beverages will be available on the new menu–several of which will premiere on opening night:

“We will have new CiderBuch varieties as well as new herbal Kombucha blends, including our first tap ever of holy basil Yerba mate Kombucha. We are making a special mint lemonade for the kids, too. Food will [also] be provided by a local partner [to be announced].”

Red Star’s Growler Shop opening takes place on Friday, April 1 at 7PM. Guests are invited to bring along their growlers and bottles to get replenished, shop the new merch, and sample the snacks and brews.

Check out our video tour of Red Star’s distillery and former Pittsburgh Public Market spot below:

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