Our Valentines Day Recommendations

Published On February 14, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Food & Drink

First off, we’d like to recommend to those of you who are single and feeling down in the dumps today to take a deep breath and remember that being alone is far better than being in a crappy relationship! There will always be someone in your life who loves you at your best and worst, whether it’s a parent, sibling or BFF. In the true spirit of love, remember to love yourself first and the rest will fall into place! So, if you’re alone, take some time out of your day today to treat yourself. If you have a partner, go that extra mile to remind them why they’re that special someone. And finally, if you’re a playa, I’ll see you later tonight at the bar! Until then, here are a few of our last-minute recommendations to make the most out of your Valentines Day.

Pre-date night: I think it’s safe to say most ladies like to shop. Whether you’re looking for a hot outfit to seduce your date or looking for something to boost your single self-esteem, we think Panello Boutique in Lawrenceville is a great start! Sister shop to Jupe Boutique in the South Side, Panello caught our eye during a Beer Run we did a while back and it’s been making waves ever since, having recently been featured in the Post-Gazette. And for the guys, there’s always Decade, who carries a great variety of local and national brands that look as good on your bod as they do on the floor next to your bed. They also sell ladies apparel too, so if you know what’s good for ya, you’ll pick up something extra for your date. A Pittsburgh tee perhaps? Don’t forget clean undies!

Date time: If you’re single and looking for some comfort food, hit up the brand new Station Street Hot Dog and Sandwich Shop, which has been getting rave reviews! Located a hop, skip and a jump away from executive chef Kevin Sousa’s other venture, Salt of the Earth in East Liberty, Station Street is the perfect guilty pleasure for the unattached evening out. Bright side – you won’t have to worry about all that gas you’ll get afterwards! As for a romantic dinner, there are plenty of options to choose from here in the PGH. We’d have to go with Soba, Dish, or Monterey Bay on the breathtaking Mount Washington, where you can steal a smooch from your honey as you take in the city’s skyline in all its beauty. Hey, that might sound cliche, but I’ve lived here for 10 years and have yet to do that. I’m sure it’s pretty damn romantic.

Post-Date: Before you get down to business, why not head out for a night cap at Kelly’s Bar & Lounge, on the edge of East Liberty/Shadyside. This place is consistently recognized during the annual City Paper readers poll as having some of the best cocktails in the city. For you single folk, head on over to Le Mardi Gras in Shadyside and have a White Russian. Be warned that it’s dangerous to drink any more than two of these, and thank me for the glorious buzz you will have after drinking this delicious, creamy concoction. Declared as some of the strongest drinks in the PGH by most people I know, Le Mardi Gras is where you’ll want to go to forget all about Valentines Day. And for you non-booze drinkers, hop on over to Kiva Han, which closes February 19th, and enjoy a delicious beverage from a longstanding PGH coffee institution.

Do remember that the sixth annual Love of Friends happens tonight as well, if you’re in the mood to party and mingle. Love of Friends is a celebration of art, music, food, local, and of course – FRIENDS. Grab some of your closest pals and hop on over to Bakery Square to partake in the haps!

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