Food Systems Docuseries Aims to put Pittsburgh’s Food Scene on the Map

Published On September 10, 2015 | By Tiffany Johnson | Food & Drink

Photo Cred: Food Systems

Filmmaker David Bernabo has been an active participant within Pittsburgh’s music and art scenes for several years. He participates regularly in band shows, dance ensembles and other art initiatives around the city, and his resume boasts a long list of accomplishments, from multiple featured art exhibitions since 2006 and onward; videos he’s produced for client campaigns; and music he’s produced for a wide range of mediums, from video games to theater.

So, it comes to no surprise to us that he chose Pittsburgh as the subject of his latest three-part project: a documentary exploring food ecosystems existing in cities all around us, and how Pittsburgh’s food ecosystem has continued to grow, thrive and prosper. Titled “Food Systems,” the mini docu-series will aim to put Pittsburgh’s food scene on the map, and ensure that it stays there.

The first short film, titled “Food Systems, Chapter 1: A Night Out,” gives his audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse at everything that makes Pittsburgh such an amazing food town. Bernabo first highlights the history of Pittsburgh restaurants — from the late 70s, to the award-winning chefs and establishments that fill our neighborhood today. He also touches on topics ranging from the introduction of French cuisine, to our city’s mass integration of world flavors and local food sources, and everything in between that makes Pittsburgh’s food scene so unique.

foodsys4In order to accurately tell the story of how Pittsburgh emerged as a “foodie town,” Bernabo and his film crew spoke with a number of Pittsburgh chefs, farmers, “restaurant-eurs” and writers. While doing so, he also explored a large variety of food topics, such as what it takes to open and run a full-service restaurant; how class impacts restaurant choice; gentrification; sexism in the industry; labor trends; and even restaurant life, itself. And he displays the passion, energy and innovation that contributes to the growing food culture we’re familiar with today.

There will be three screenings of “A Night Out” happening throughout the final weeks of September and beginning of October. The first chance to check out Chapter 1 of the “Food Systems” documentary will be on Wednesday, Sept. 23 at Row House Theater and tickets ($12) are still available online. The show starts at 7PM.

On Sunday, Sept. 27, return to Row House to catch a second screening at noon; tickets ($8) are also available online. The last screening will be held at Wigle Whiskey Barrelhouse at 7PM on Thursday, Oct. 1, and it is free to the public.

For more information on “Food Systems,” be sure to visit the film’s website. You can check out a preview video with extras and clips from the film below:

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