Diner en Blanc: An End-of-Summer Rendezvous

Published On September 7, 2015 | By Sarah Lolley | Food & Drink

Diner en Blanc 2014 New York photo Joe Cavallini HD 08.25.14-79 (2)A tradition started in Paris 27 years ago reaches Pittsburgh Sept. 11 with Dîner en Blanc, a creative event that requires attendees to wear white from head to toe and dine picnic style at a mysterious place. The setting for picnic season’s last big hurrah is only revealed upon arrival. Registered guests chose a shuttle pick-up point. Then with a table and picnic in hand, they’ll descend upon the illustrious location.

Taking place on site will be contests for Best Dressed (award: $500 gift card to e.b. Pepper) and Best Table Decor (award: Omni William Penn package). Entertainment, dancing, live music, and atmosphere are all provided by the Dîner en Blanc host team. While you eat and clink glasses, pop/rock violinist Steven Vance will be performing for you. Then after everyone has dabbed the corners of their mouth, the dancing begins later on with DJ Nugget.Diner en Blanc 2014 Portland photo Bunn Salarzon HD300726-IMG_5983

Wearing white began as a way to identify fellow picnickers when convening on a site, but has also symbolized the etiquette that is encouraged. In the past, cities that have hosted parties attract thousands of people that artistically contrast their surroundings in white, creating a romantic landscape of twinkling candlelight. Organizer and Host Jenny Altman says the event was founded as a way to illuminate part of the city’s architectural beauty.

Diner en Blanc 2014 Philadelphia photos HD008-1A team of enthusiasts excited to bring such a concept to Pittsburgh appealed to the Dîner en Blanc International to earn permission to host the event in connection with the Montreal-based society of posh picnickers. The team was inspired by the event last year in Philadelphia.

Wear your most elegant brilliant white garments; bring a table, chairs, white table cloth, wine or bubbles; order a picnic or bring your own; and above all else, bring your sense of adventure. The event will take place, rain or shine! Faire la fête. Let’s party.

Guests pay a $29/person + an $8 membership fee (the team plans on making this a Pittsburgh tradition). Registration is still open and ends Monday, Sept. 7.

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