Cooking Classes with Notion’s Chef David Racicot

Published On December 11, 2014 | By Alyssa McGrath | Food & Drink

Photo credit: Notion

Upon entering Chef David Racicot’s kitchen at Notion, the first thing that can be noticed is a calming sense of order. Everything is symmetrical, and based on his perspective, it comes to no surprise. Racicot does not take a “pinch of this and dash of that” approach to cooking. His focus is geared toward molecular gastronomy: an objective of precise form, texture, and flavor combinations through artistic and scientific methods. Racicot currently opens up his kitchen to eight guests at a time and teaches them about his approach to different aspects of his dishes. Recently, NakYouOut had the chance to learn about the secrets behind his soups and sauces.

At the beginning of class, everyone gathered around a chopping block style table, where David most likely expedites his beautifully executed food during service. Everyone was served a glass of bubbly and quickly became acquainted. After a few minutes, it seemed as though everyone felt like they were among new friends.notion 1Since he only opens up his lessons to a small group of people each time, everyone is able to ask questions along the way. With this group, he shared stories from his background in Las Vegas and how he learned about French cooking techniques.

The basis of this lesson was rooted in the five mother sauces of French cuisine. Over the course of the evening, everyone learned about improving the dimension and texture of sauces through the use of an emulsifying agent. Racicot also touched on fermentation. The foodies and wine connoisseurs in the audience were thrilled!

After the lesson, everyone sat down in the dining room to enjoy a four-course meal where Chef Racicot implemented the sauces and soups the group had learned to make. General Manager/Sommelier,notion 2 Jennifer Jin did an impeccable job pairing wines for each course. The restaurant was not open to the public during the lesson, so it was lovely for everyone to get familiar with each other and bond over a passion for the culinary arts.

As dinner came to a close, David joined the group in the dining room for a bit. Everyone could sense that he really enjoys the social aspect of his job, as well. He was a wonderful host and left the group grinning from ear to ear.

For many, the kitchen in a restaurant is a veil of mystery, and the knowledge within a great one is a product of many years of hands-on education. This is a rare opportunity to learn from an exceptional chef, and a charming look inside of his kitchen.

Chef David’s cooking classes take place on Tuesdays, twice a month. For more information, visit

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