Churchview Farm Invites You To Explore Local Food

Published On March 19, 2015 | By Theo McCauley | Food & Drink
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Delightful fare from Churchview Farms’ dinner series

When Tara Rockacy moved back to her family farm in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, she did so with the knowledge that she was representing three entire family generations of the all-natural and organic growing practices of Churchview Farms. Her family’s sustainable practices on the farm have always been implemented with the chief goal of treating the natural land with respect. For this reason, Churchview produces bountiful food without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals in any form.

Since moving back to her family roots in 2007, Tara has since reestablished the family farm, and even fostered a small but mighty Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program centered around Churchview. CSAs are created from a core hub of local consumers that commit to supporting the raising of locally owned and raised food while acknowledging the risks and benefits of only shopping locally.

To reinforce the installment of CSAs, Churchview Farms has been hosting a weekly farm dinner series for the last three summers. What’s a farm dinner series? Well, for $110 (gratuity, tax, and cocktails included) you can treat yourself with a five to eight course meal designed to maximally utilize the fresh and organic food grown just yards away on Churchview Farms.

The weekly series kicks off Sunday June 7, and features much more than just locally grown food. Every week, dinners are prepared by some of the most creative and praised cooking talents in the Pittsburgh area. Numerous top chefs from reputable and locally owned restaurants include Brian Pekarcik (Grit & Grace, Spoon), Sheri & Dan Leiphart (Thin Man Sandwich Shop), and Kevin Sousa (Superior Motors). The delicious cuisine is also complimented by local beer and wine, and a decadent dessert, which of course, is always made by local chefs using local fare.

Churchview’s dinner series was established expressly to encourage an open dialogue between farmers and consumers. It seems like their mission is succeeding because five of this summer’s dinners have already sold out! The next open event is a rum brunch taking place Saturday June 20, featuring Kaya’s Executive Chef, Ben Sloan.

For a full schedule of dinner events, dates/times, and participating chefs, please visit Churchview Farms’ website to view the listings. Make sure to purchase your tickets online and in advance.

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