Feed the Senses @ Braddock Farms’ Fall Feast

Published On September 23, 2015 | By Tiffany Johnson | Food & Drink

Habitat at the Fairmont

If you love meals fresh from the farm, you might want to clear your schedule this Sunday. Join Grow Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Chapter of the International Special Events Society on September 27 for their “progressive dinner” presentation.

Braddock Feast is a peek into the city’s efforts to grow Braddock Farms and the surrounding areas; the Feast will include chef tastings, local libations, music, merriment and more. Artists, designers and chefs will join forces to create the ultimate dining experience, and they want to share it with the Pittsburgh community.

Photo Cred: Osteria


Taking the form of an artistic/culinary tour, the dinner is happening at key points throughout Braddock, and it’ll be brought to you by local chefs, event producers, food purveyors and creatives in order to highlight and celebrate this emerging community. At each tour stop, you’ll have the opportunity to sample a variety of local foods curated by creative individuals, while you also explore the bread ovens, apiaries and art galleries in the surrounding premises.

Photo Cred: Savor Fresh Catering

Savor Fresh Catering

There are tons of restaurants, designers, and art and music organizations that will participate in the Feast, but this event wouldn’t be complete without the Grow Pittsburgh team. Their Grow Pittsburgh Farm Table of Braddock Farms will be hosted on Woodlawn Street, where there will be entertainment, produce, tastings, tours of the Farm and even more fresh items to sample.

Photo Cred: Millie's Homemade Ice Cream

Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream

Grow Pittsburgh encourages you to join them, not only to grab a bite to eat, but also so that you can be part of the action. Your participation and exploration of the community will encourage even more growth in Braddock, which is exactly the goal of this food-centric celebration.

The event will run from noon-4PM on Sunday, Sept. 27, and tickets ($30-$40) are available now. Children ages 12-18 can acquire a ticket for as low as $15, and children under 12 get in free.

If you’re interested in experiencing the growth and freshness that Braddock Feast has to offer, don’t hesitate to snag a ticket and venture over to grab a bite or ten.

Additionally, chefs, musicians, artists or organizations that would like to take part in the event are still encouraged to apply.

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