Whole Lotta Love

Published On February 14, 2011 | By Kymbo Slice | Community, The Arts

Platonic love, that is!  I really don’t get why the singles get all crank-assed on Valentine’s Day.  There’s really no need.  For one, you don’t have to spend money on some chintzy gift manufactured in China.  You also don’t have to put extra pressure on yourself to make the day special because consumer America told you it is.  I could really go on and on here.

I feel worse for those coupled up.  I do.  There are plenty of unhappy people who find their relationship issues surfacing on this day.  That’s gotta suck.  Imagine being in the middle of a juicy fillet and having your significant other tell you thangs just aren’t working out, or even worse – that they cheated on you with the broad who they get a bagel from each morning.  Suddenly that steak doesn’t taste so good and you want to stab anything related to the word meat.

I swear that’s never happened to me.  In fact, my past few Valentine’s Days have been peachy.  Would you like to have a drama-free V-day?  It is possible, single or not.  If so, you can head to the 5th Annual Love of Friends.  We all have friends…some we love more than others.  Why not celebrate that type of love instead?  It’s much less messy – unless we’re talking friends with benefits here – I don’t recommend that.  Let’s not celebrate that.  If someone you’re rubbing naughty bits with chooses to pull the friend card on this particular day, consider that a sign.

This event has been taking place for the past 5 years at various hot spots around Pgh.  This year it’s being held at the Space Art Gallery downtown.  They’ll have plenty of local food and bev vendors, as well as local talent and art.  This event is also 3-some friendly.  Tickets are $25 a pop, but if you come in a group of 3, you each only have to pay $20 for a ticket.  If that doesn’t encourage a little ménage, I’m not sure what would.

Hit them up on Facebook for the full 411.  I’ve said enough.

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