Chow Down @ the VegFEAST Thanksgiving Humane Society Fundraiser

Published On November 2, 2015 | By Mackenzie Sugrue | Community
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Photo by Brookside Barkery and Bath

Mahatma Ghandi once said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” In Pittsburgh, Justice For Animals and the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society are working together to try and make our nation a little better – one VegFEAST at a time. VegFEAST, a Vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner, is a fundraising event that will assist the Western PA Humane Society in raising money for community activities supporting the animals of Pittsburgh.

The Humane Society helps over 10,000 animals each year by providing them with proper food, medication, and shelter. In addition to helping animals who fall victim to poor circumstances, the Humane Society seeks to enhance lives with compassionate human services, provide companion animals for families and communities, and educate the public on preventing animal cruelty.

VegFEAST is the organization’s second vegetarian-centered event this year, following VegFEST from this past summer, where well over 4,000 people came out to celebrate. With the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle gaining so much momentum around the country, the first ever public vegan thanksgiving feast in Pittsburgh will make it easier for those who want to celebrate the holiday and keep their diet on track.


Photo by The Chiodo Trio

The night will be stacked full of music, food and prizes, along with entertainment from Pittsburgh’s own Chiodo Trio. The banjo wielding father-son group started out back in 2007, when the boys learned to play after watching their dad, JT, perform with the Pittsburgh Banjo Club. Now, the three-piece collective travels all around the country during convention season, playing regular shows with the PBC every Wednesday, as well as a multitude of other events.

But what’s Thanksgiving without some great food? VegFEAST will highlight the cooking talents of some local restaurants that you won’t want to miss:


“Boogie Man” – Onion Maiden

Onion Maiden is described as a “metal/punk Asian fusion,” vegan restaurant. Some of their menu items include the “Kale Satan,” a vegan hot dog with sautéed kale and cashew cheese, or the “War Pig,” a vegan hot dog with cashew cheese and jalapeño. It is obvious that Onion Maiden is putting a different spin on the vegan lifestyle, and it’s a great stop for those who love vegan food and heavy metal.

In their movement to celebrate our city’s roots and heritage in Eastern and Central Europe, APTEKA started from its once-a-month pop-up event, “Pierogi Night.” In addition to pierogies, they also make regional dishes inspired by street food from around the world. Like any good form of imitation, however, APTEKA seeks to take those regional dishes and experiment with them to make these unique recipes their own. Additionally, they’re currently accepting donations on their Kickstarter page to open their own restaurant.


BLT – Randita’s

Randitas is an all-vegan restaurant dedicated to giving people organic, healthful and delicious food. Both Randy Cinski and her husband Dale are dedicated to making food just as nutritional as it is delicious. With two locations in Aspinwall and Saxonburgh, as well as their solar-powered food truck, the Cinski family is making a name for themselves in the vegan food community. Some menu items include: wedding soup, pepper steak tempeh, and “meatball” sandwhiches, proving that Randitas is putting their own take on some classic recipes.

Guests can also score prizes at the onsite raffles with chances to win concert tickets, a basket from East End Co-op, a 1944 skin care basket, a selection of tofurkys, and more.

VegFEAST is scheduled for Saturday, November 21 at the Western PA Humane Society on the North Side. Dinner will start promptly at 6:30PM and tickets are available online. Adult tickets for those over the age of 13 are $28. Kids ages 12 and under cost $14.

If you love tasty food and furry friends, stop out to feast on a healthy holiday meal with fellow PGH residents and businesses, all while supporting a great community cause. Attendance at this event will go towards providing animals in need with food, blankets, beds, towels and more.

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