The Upstage Reunion

Published On June 5, 2014 | By Kymbo Slice | Community

UPSTAGEMost anyone who’s lived in Pittsburgh for a while and is over the age of 30 remembers The Upstage. Back in its heyday, it gave non-college-age folks a reason to go to Oakland. We can’t say the same about the current state of affairs in that neighborhood, as the club has since been replaced with a grocery store. We were attending Pitt when this transition happened, and although we only got to enjoy this place for about a year before it closed, the fondness Pittsburghers hold in their hearts for that era is still kicking. The club hosted everything from goth to punk and industrial, and even 80s. Frank Halling has organized the affair, and if you visit its Facebook page, his excitement bursts off the screen. This is a dude who is passionate about Pittsburgh’s old scene, or the “Days of Chief’s”, as he calls it. Though one might hear about it from time to time, these days are long gone, and for most Pittsburgh transplants who came here in the first part of the new millennium, they’d have a hard time believing Pittsburgh was as bumpin’ as has been eluded to. This reunion is an homage to the days of Sanctuary, Graffiti, The Metropol, Babylon, Rosebud, and most importantly, The Upstage.

Important details to know.

Let’s start with tickets, which can be purchased here. At the time of this post there were only about 40 left online, so you better jump on that. They have to limit attendance to 200 people due to fire code reasons, but 30 tickets will be sold at the door for $25 on a first come, first served basis. If you buy online, you also save $5.

Head to Teamster’s Temple in Lawrenceville on 47th and Butler St. from 7-11PM this Saturday, June 7th. They’ve got some special guest DJs to really bring back the mems for folks:
DJ EZ Lou Ortego – New Wave
DJ Callisto
Tara Kirkman – Upstage Ceremony
Shawn Watson – Punk

There will also be food, massages, fortune telling, and all the weird shit you’ve come to love about The Upstage. Once 11 hits and you’re not done dancing, you can head to Gus’s Bar down the street for an afterparty with DJ Samurai.

You can also buy the tee pictured above on Etsy for only $15.

We applaud all the folks who put in the effort to throw this together. They’ve exhibited a lot of heart in the process, and the energy of the night should be unparalleled. If you’re feeling nostalgic this Saturday night, this is one not to be missed.

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