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Published On November 12, 2014 | By Nuria Marquez | Community
Photo Credit: Three Rivers Film Festival

Photo Credit: Three Rivers Film Festival

The 33rd annual Three Rivers Film Festival is well underway, kicking off last Thursday, Nov. 7 with a premiere of Homemakers, a comedy set filmed in Pittsburgh. Acclaimed as the largest film festival in the region, Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Film Festival will showcase approximately 65 films at multiple locations throughout the city, including: sneak peeks, American and foreign dramas, documentaries, indies, restored classics, and a competitive shorts program. If you missed the first weekend of action, don’t fret. The festival runs until Nov. 22, giving attendees plenty of time to become immersed within a wide selection of cinematic bodies of work from around the globe.

Showcased along with established film works will be the microcinema movement, a blooming trend within the film industry. Microcinemas bring screenings to non-traditional spaces with limited seating outside of the typical movie theater atmosphere, such as bars, galleries or houses. Among the venues hosting these screenings, Brillobox will feature a microcinema of local music and video collaborations, titled Mind Cure Records Presents (after Mind Cure Records in Polish Hill).

The festival will also feature eight internationally acclaimed films, including Concrete Night, a highly stylized black and white film from Finland, and To Kill A Man, a true story about a man from Chile facing the moral and psychological consequences of committing murder. All eight international films have been submitted to the Academy Awards for consideration as Best Foreign Language Film.

As the festival progresses, there is still much to be seen and plenty of content which caters to multiple tastes and genre styles. Be sure to check out the full schedule below.

Tuesday November 11th

4:15 Still Life at Waterworks Cinemas (tickets)

6:30 Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles at Waterworks Cinemas  (tickets)

7:00 Gods at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

7:30 Shipbreakers at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

7:30 Concrete Night at Harris Theater (tickets)

9:00 Supernova at Waterworks Cinemas (tickets)

Wednesday, November 12th

4:30 Marie’s Story at Waterworks Cinemas (tickets)

6:45 Human Capital at Waterworks Cinemas (tickets)

7:30 Stop the Pounding Heart at Harris Theater (tickets)

7:30 The Imitation Game at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

7:30 Jack Strong at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

9:00 This Is Spinal Tap-30th Anniversary at Waterworks Cinemas (tickets)

Thursday, November 13th

4:15 Dirty Wars at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

4:15 Belle & Sebastian at Waterworks Cinemas (tickets)

6:30 Listen Up Philip at Waterworks Cinemas (tickets)

7:00 Film Kitchen Special Edition at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

7:00 The Human Scale at Harris Theater (tickets)

9:00 Welcome to the Space Show at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

9:00 R100 at Waterworks Cinemas (tickets)

Friday, November 14th

7:00 Sight Unseen at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

7:00 Actress at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

7:00 The Princess of France at Harris Theater (tickets)

9:00 Stray Dogs at Harris Theater (tickets)

9:30 Spring at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

9:30 Escobar: Paradise Lost at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

Saturday, November 15th

1:30 Spirited Away at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

3:00 Men of the Cloth at Harris Theater (tickets)

4:00 Rocks in my Pockets at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

4:15 Ghosts of Amistad: In The Footsteps of the Rebels at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

6:00 The Princess of France at Harris Theater (tickets)

6:15 The Dark Valley at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

7:00 The Strange Little Cat at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

8:00 jORGONEson presents… at Irma Freeman Center for Imagination (tickets)

8:00 This Is Spinal Tap-30th Anniversary! at Harris Theater (tickets)

9:00 To Kill a Man at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

9:00 Zero Motivation at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

Sunday, November 16th

2:00 Judy’s Dead at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

2:00 The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness at Harris Theater (tickets)

2:00 From Deep at Carnegie Library Braddock

2:30 Human Capital at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

4:30 Men of the Cloth at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

4:45 Red Army at Harris Theater (tickets)

5:15 Gods at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

6:45 A Spell To Ward Off the Darkness at Harris Theater (tickets)

8:00 The Tribe at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

Monday, November 17th

7:30 Escobar: Paradise Lost at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

Tuesday, November 18th

7:30 The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

7:30 The Heart and the Sweetheart at Harris Theater (tickets)

7:30 Zero Motivation at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

Wednesday, November 19th

7:00 The Saragossa Manuscript at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

7:30 Stray Dogs at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

7:30 A Spell To Ward Off the Darkness at Harris Theater (tickets)

Thursday, November 20th

7:00 The Heart and the Sweetheart at Harris Theater (tickets)

7:00 Beloved Sisters at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

7:30 Rocks in my Pockets at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

9:00 Mind Cure Records Presents at Brillobox (tickets)

9:30 Red Army at Harris Theater (tickets)

Friday, November 21st

7:00 Actress at Harris Theater (tickets)

7:00 The Strange Little Cat at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

7:30 Competitive Shorts Program 2014 at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

9:00 To Kill a Man at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

9:00 What Now? Remind Me at Harris Theater (tickets)

Saturday, November 22nd

1:30 Competitive Shorts Program 2014 at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

2:00 The King and the Mockingbird at Harris Theater (tickets)

4:00 The Lost World at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

4:30 The Dark Valley at Melwood Screening Room (tickets)

4:30 What Now? Remind Me at Harris Theater (tickets)

8:00 The Son of the Sheik at Regent Square Theater (tickets)

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