The Weather Permitting Interview

Published On June 7, 2013 | By Kymbo Slice | Community, Interviews, Music

WPBy now, you’ve probably heard about the new, family-friendly event coming to the Shadyside Nursery called “Weather Permitting”. The City Paper did a brief article on it and social media seems to be buzzing with excited statements about this new Sunday Funday option. We got a chance to talk with Pete, the man behind Brillo’s Pandemic dance parties, and one-half of the team planning and executing this fantastic outdoor event series. Here’s what we learned.

A chance encounter set the wheels into motion that now comprise Weather Permitting. “It was just by coincidence we ran into one another at the coffee shop. I started blabbering (as I often do) random ideas to Bill and this one just made sense.”

Aside from us having no clue the Shadyside Nursery existed until now, we wanted to know what else to expect from the event. “I want to create the spot that everyone can hang out at. It’s partly about parents rocking out, it’s partly about kids rocking out, but it’s mostly about being outdoors and supporting local music and businesses on beautiful summer nights no matter who you are. I love it when you can go to an outdoor event and chill in the grass, eat some awesome food, and listen to a band or two, weather permitting of course (see what I did there, haha…terrible joke). I like the idea of filling the need for folks who go to bed early, or folks with little ones that need to burn off that afternoon/evening energy while mom and dad or dad and dad or mom and mom can hang with friends for an evening of live entertainment yet still be home before bedtime.”

Food trucks and a BYOB-friendly policy round out the amenities. Fukuda, PghTacoTruck and Franktuary have all signed on to participate. “I think these vendors alone offer a pretty dynamic cuisine that caters to most peoples appetites and/or dietary constraints.” Pete and Bill will also provide 21+ patrons with a complimentary beverage and are open to the possibility of getting a local brewery to sponsor the event. Here’s looking at you East End and Full Pint!

The shows kick off at 5PM this Sunday, June 9 with locals Lungs Face Feet and Italy’s Taluna. As the series evolves, improvements will be made, but for now Pete’s happy with the planning. “I’m trying my best to cover all the basics. We have a great June lineup of bands both local and national, and the food trucks/vendors have confirmed. I’m trying to think of things we can offer to occupy the little ones like a giant sandbox, sprinklers, pin the tail on Bill, pony rides, etc (maybe not pony rides). I hope that the series will evolve over the summer and think that we have a lot of awesome things in the works.”

They will also be doing their best to accommodate the needs of everyone and make their experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. “I totally wanna bring my dog (Duders), but out of respect for those who are not so into man’s best friend, I am going to abstain from bringing him. We just wanna have a good time with NO BULLSHIT! Come have a beer, bring the kid, eat some food, tell your friends, your friends friends, your friends friends parents. We just wanna create a laid back Sunday evening backyard BBQ-style party. We will be finished before most other shows start and in this case before the start of Sunday’s Penguin’s playoff game (fingers crossed they make it that far).”

Sounds like a plan.

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