The Pittsburgh Juice Company Grand Opening

Published On February 11, 2014 | By Elisabeth Petras | Community

pittsburgh juice company 2February is almost halfway over, which means chances are you’ve either given up your New Year’s resolution long ago, or maybe you never had one to begin with. Either way, the grand opening of Lawrenceville’s newest juice bar, The Pittsburgh Juice Company(PJC), marks the perfect time to put down that fast food and start eating healthy again.

The PJC’s mission is to promote community health and help Pittsburghers gain easier access to organic produce. Now that people have started to pay attention to the health benefits of juicing they’re realizing this type of diet takes the effort most American’s don’t have the time to execute. As part of this health movement, in addition to providing Pittsburgh with fresh juice, The Pittsburgh Juice Company will offer lectures and workshops about healthy eating.

The Pittsburgh Juice Company offers seven main juice and smoothie options on their menu for your enjoyment. These can range from a simple order of coconut water, to more complex drinks like the Power Berry Smoothie. If you’re looking to begin a cleanse, they will also have Juice Programs which will consist of 6 different juice and smoothie combinations per day. The length of the program is up to you and it can last 3, 6 or 10 days at a time.

While some companies add preservatives to make their juice to last longer, The Pittsburgh Juice Company boasts about the freshness of its juice. According to the PJC website “Live foods supply the oxygen, alkalinity and bio-electrical charges vital to cellular and overall health of the body.” The ingredients used are locally-sourced and as organic as possible. PJC juice is cold pressed and only has a shelf live of three days because “live juice dies young.”

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