The Mardi Gras Party Guide

Published On February 21, 2012 | By Kymbo Slice | Community

Boobs, booze and beads. If every day were Mardi Gras, the population might be in a better mood. Like all vices, however, they should be enjoyed in moderation, and so, someone came up with Fat Tuesday as an easy excuse to overindulge in the three Bs if but only once a year. While I’m sure this is not the true intention behind Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras, I am saving everyone the trouble of reading a boring synopsis of the holiday’s origins. If you care to know that much, look it up. My theory is much more amusing anyway. Instead, I’m here to tell you what the heck to do tonight in the PGH to maximize your boobies, beads and booze potential. Tonight’s forecast is partly boozey with a high chance of bros, so we’ll be breaking down the events on a bro-by-bro basis.

Low chance of bro:

Open Mic Night at The Speakeasy: Fat Tuesday Edition
Bar Marco Grand Opening Carnival Party
John Gresh’s Gris-Gris at NOLA on the Square
Mardi Gras at Cattivo

Bro chance certain:

District 3 Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Event’s FAT TUESDAY Mardi Gras Party at Jimmy D’s

And you know, the usual stuff is going on too. It’s just not Mardi Gras related, so we aren’t going to mention it now. Be sure to check this page frequently, as we’ll be adding more events as we find them throughout the day.

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