The Lee Camp Interview

Published On February 1, 2013 | By Isaac Kozell | Community

Lee CampRoseanne Barr finds him “super impressive.” Janeane Garofalo thinks he’s a “great political thinker.” Fox News hates his guts. He’s comedian and political satirist Lee Camp and in addition to writing for The Onion and producing his own web series, he’s bringing his acclaimed stand up comedy to Pittsburgh for one night only, tonight at Hambone’s in Lawrenceville. Camp took a minute to chat with us before his Pittsburgh show. This one’s short so soak it in.

Isaac Kozell: Describe the current state of American government in five words.

Lee Camp: Just don’t get it in my eye. Damn, I used seven words.

IK: What is the biggest threat facing the average American citizen?

LC: Apathy. Number two is unfettered velociraptor-style greed. Number three is Ted Nugent.

IK: In your opinion, what should be the Occupy movement’s next move?

LC: Continue to wake people up. Continue to fight for money out of politics and the end of corporate personhood.

IK: Any notable projects on the horizon that we can look out for?

LC: Yeah, I’m creating a whole new version of my web series “Moment of Clarity.” I’m doing it in coordination with Coalition Films and it will be new and improved and amazing. The first episode should be out Feb 15th. People should keep an eye out for it.

IK: What can the uninitiated, who may be coming to see you for the first time, expect from your live show?

LC: A lot pyrotechnics. A lot of animal sacrifice. And just a bit of bestiality. No, I’m lying. It’s stand-up comedy but with a little more anger than they might be used to. A lot of people know me from the weekly rants I do at My stand-up show is similar to that but with more funny.

Lee Camp, with special guests Ron Placone and Krish Mohan, hits the Hambone’s stage on Friday, February 1 at 8:30pm. Advanced tickets can be purchased exclusively at Hambone’s or reserved for will call by calling 412-681-4318.

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