The Knit the Bridge Project

Published On December 21, 2012 | By Sweet1Lani | Community, The Arts

cropped-bridge-project-fi2013-phase-3b2 Have you ever happened upon a ‘yarn bombing’ – when a bike rack, or tree, or some other type of structure is encased in a colorful knitted shell? It’s a street art movement that, unlike graffiti, doesn’t leave any permanent damage to the structure, and is easily removed.  It’s also a sign of the growing contemporary crafts movement sweeping the nation. Pittsburgh certainly has joined the indie crafts craze with events like I Made It Market and Handmade Arcade. In fact, if you attended Handmade Arcade this year, you may have seen an exciting new ‘yarn bombing’-esque project in the works. Knit The Bridge is a grassroots community art project which has the ultimate goal of creating a large scale fiberarts installation on a bridge in downtown Pittsburgh.

561157_4902026229696_2071532902_n The project is aligned with Fiberart International 2013, which is hosted by the Fiberart Guild every three years as a juried exhibition. Both share the mission to promote an appreciation of fiber art and foster its development. Knit the Bridge envisions their project “to celebrate the history of Pittsburgh as a city of bridges and steel as well as celebrate the region’s thriving, contemporary arts scene.” Using this accessible craft form, they believe these “fiberart traditions will knit together strong, healthy, creative communities.” The group is currently working with the bridge keepers and the Office of Public Art to ensure the project happens safely and successfully.

Want to get in on all of the knitting fun? There are several ways you can help. First, of course, you can knit or crochet a panel, find instructions here. Not so crafty? You can also organize a meet up to get your knittin’ neighbors together for a knit sesh. Or help by providing materials- they need yarn, knitting needles, and crochet hooks. Cheers to this fun project! We can’t wait to see the finished work!

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